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Couple Development Reference Sheet

Aladdin X Shanelle

Fandom Specifics
- Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

How long have you had them?
- Since about a month ago.

Why did you pair them together?

- I thought it would be cute if Aladdin had one of those school crushes, even if he is a child. Plus, I think in some fandoms, a protagonist needs a love interest, no matter how old they are.

Character Specifics:
- Aladdin Jehoahaz Abraham
- Shanelle

Age (Currently):

- Aladdin: Male
- Shanelle: Female

Aladdin has a kind and cheerful personality, and as such he is easily able to make friends. He cherishes friends a lot since he's never really had friends except for Ugo prior to his arrival in the world, and gets upset if people disrespects them or harms them, even holding grudges against those who hurt them. In order to help his friends, he's become dedicated to becoming stronger. Aladdin does everything he can to defend and protect his friends from enemy attack, even to the point of him almost dying due to over-exertion.

He's a little naive about the world, not knowing what bazaars or Dungeons are because most of his life was spent in the Room of Fortitude. However, he is rather wise for his age, able to offer advice to others and providing remarkable insight at various points of time. Aladdin never seems condescending when criticizing others, and offers his opinions and thoughts in a matter-of-fact manner. He also has a calm temperament, even able to stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up of plans and solutions. He's also very eager to learn, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt.

Aladdin isn't shown to be a greedy person as demonstrated when he doesn't use his one wish for fortune or eternal life from Ugo and readily offering his whole bag of coins to hitch a ride to Magnostadt. Despite all this, however, he is quite perverted for his age as he likes to grope women with "large, soft breasts" and according to Alibaba, has "manly interests."

Aladdin also has a tendency to eat food that isn't his, such as when he ate all the watermelons in a cart belonging to Alibaba's master as shown in the anime, and Leila's precious watermelons in the manga. He also harbors a secret feeling of loneliness because he's different from everyone else since he's a magician and since he's different even from the three other Magis, him being the fourth Magi that shouldn't even exist.

- Shanelle has a kind and sweet personality, and in some cases, she is often seen as shy and modest. She loves being with her family, especially her adopted mother and father, Yamraiha and Sharrkan. However, because she spent so much time with her, she will sometimes turn into a bit of a hothead when people act stupid around her. She also loves spending time with her aunt, Alozza, who was married to her late uncle, Akeem.

She often goes out of her way to be useful to someone, especially Aladdin. This might be because she is suffering from abandonment issues, due to her biological parents leaving her in Sinbad's care (although the reason why was not out of ill intentions).

She is well-aware of Aladdin's obsession with well-endowed women, and is sometimes self-conscious about the size of her chest because of it.

- Aladdin: Magi and former Prince of Alma Torran.
- Shanelle: Magnostadt Academy Student (formerly).

How did they meet?
- Through Yamraiha. Aladdin was told that when he got to Magnostadt Academy, he should find Shanelle and tell her how things are going back in Sindria.

How old where they?
- Aladdin: 11
- Shanelle: 12

How did they first react to one another?
- Shanelle reacted with worry when she saw Raiyu attacking Aladdin, due to his overprotective nature of her. After sewing his torn pants, Shanelle welcomed Aladdin to the academy, and she was surprised to know that he knew her adopted mother. She then took an instant liking to him. She was later surprised when she found he was a Magi.
- Aladdin, after pulling his pants out of Raiyu's mouth, greeted Shanelle with his usual cheeriness. He then let Shanelle sew his pants back up and told her about how he met Yamraiha, and thus, their relationship budded into a friendship.

How long did it take for them to become “official”?
- Several months after the summit, when Aladdin and the gang went to help Alozza find her birthplace, Laputa. Alibaba bumped Aladdin into Shanelle, causing them to accidentally kiss. Aladdin tried to protest, but he decided that he and Shanelle would start dating anyway. Their relationship isn't anything too serious. Shanelle is happy just being with Aladdin, who feels the same.

How did they each react to the first move made?
- Aladdin was shocked, mostly because it was actually Alibaba, who teasingly pushed him and caused him to kiss Shanelle on the lips, but he soon comes to terms with it.
- Shanelle was surprised by Aladdin kissing her (even though Alibaba pushed him), and was later very happy for herself.

Where did they meet? 
- They met in Magnostadt Academy, in Shanelle's dorm.

Where were they going when they met?
- Aladdin was headed to Shanelle's dorm to say hi and tell her about how he knew Yamraiha.
- Shanelle wasn't going anywhere. She was studying in her dorm when she heard Raiyu barking and chasing Aladdin.

Where did they typically go for dates or to bond?
- At the academy, they sometimes go out into the garden to feed the fish, and at Sindria, they go to Shanelle's favorite restaurant or down at the beach.

What were their first impressions of each other?
- Aladdin's thoughts: 'She's pretty sweet...but she doesn't look like Yam or Sharry. She looks more like Alozza.'
- Shanelle's thoughts: 'He's kinda cute...but I wonder why he was looking for me.'

What made them interested in each other?
- What made Aladdin interested in Shanelle was the fact that Yamraiha is her adopted mother, even before he met her.
- What made Shanelle interested in Aladdin was the fact that he met Yamraiha, and it's because of this that they hit it off well on their first meeting.

What brought them together?
- Raiyu attacking Aladdin and nearly biting his rear end off.

Who made the first move?
- Technically, it was actually Alibaba who made the first move by teasingly pushing Aladdin into Shanelle, causing them to kiss.

Who did they tell about their growing feelings?
- Aladdin never actually told anyone about his feelings for Shanelle, mostly because he was confused about them and didn't know what to do, even after they started dating. Still, it was pretty obvious, so everyone pretty much figured out, anyway.
- Shanelle told Yamraiha about her crush on Aladdin, as well as Alozza, too.

Who tried to get into their business or interrupt their growing relationship?
- Sharrkan and Raiyu, although the latter stopped due to Aladdin rescuing Shanelle during the Magnostadt War. Sharrkan still does it mostly because he is protective of his adopted daughter. He even threatened to cut off Aladdin's "other magic wand" if he tried anything with her at their current age.

Who grew the first crush?
- Shanelle. Several weeks after meeting Aladdin, she started to see that he was a very determined person when it came to getting stronger. She even started to make him lunchboxes to help keep his strength up during Myers' classes.

When did they become “official”?
- Several months after they found Laputa.

When did they start to talk about their relationship?
- They started to talk about a coupe of nights after their first kiss.

When did they start to tell their friends and family?
- They didn't really have to tell anybody. They knew, even before they started dating. Alibaba even teased Aladdin about it beforehand.

What did they consider the 'status' of their relationship?
- Aladdin and Shanelle would consider their relationship as "blooming", meaning it's a newfound love and it's slowly progressing into something more as time goes on.

Do they tend to get along more often than before they became “official”?
- Things seemed to have remained the same between. They act like friends, but occasionally, they would act romantic with each other, but not too much, given their age (plus the fact that Sharrkan is watching Aladdin's every move when he's with Shanelle).

What would they change about themselves to make their relationship better, if anything?
- Aladdin: He claims he loves Shanelle so much, he would even swear off groping breasts...unfortunately, he's finding that very hard.
- Shanelle: The only thing she would change about herself is her abandonment issues. She knows Aladdin would never leave her, and yet, she's still afraid to be useless to him, which is she tries so hard.

If they were sad or angry, what would their partner do to help them?
- Aladdin: He would comfort Shanelle by giving her a big hug, and then attempt to make her laugh by pulling faces and making his silly impressions of the people he's met on his journey.
- Shanelle: She would sit next to Aladdin and put her hand over his own, and then tries to give him some encouraging words before she hugs him tightly.

Are they typically playful? Serious? Abusive? What type of relationship do they have with each other. 
- The type of relationship they have is rather playful at times. They just act like a couple of kids having fun together, be it dancing or playing in the garden. Nonetheless, Shanelle is constantly annoyed by Aladdin's obsession with well-endowed women, and whenever she sees him groping another women's chest, she will comically whack him on the head with her wand in a comical fit of jealous anger. Aladdin is quick to forgive her, though.

Do they live together?
- Technically yes, considering they are both living in Sindria.

Do they have any nicknames for each other?
- Aladdin: Is still trying to think of cute pet names for Shanelle. So far, he only thought of "Ladybug".
- Shanelle: The only nickname she's ever called Aladdin is "Blue", due to his hair. Aladdin doesn't mind, though.

What is their favorite thing about each other?
- Aladdin loves the way Shanelle smiles and laughs, and also loves how caring she can be at times.
- Shanelle admires Aladdin for his wisdom and determination, and how much he's willing to sacrifice, just to keep his friends safe.

- Aladdin likes Shanelle's eyes. He says they're like "two sparkling hazel emeralds".
- Shanelle likes the length of Aladdin, and even claims she's jealous of how he keeps it so well. He sometimes lets him braid it for him.

Quirky Mannerism
- Aladdin likes how Shanelle would fiddle with her ear piercing. He thinks it's cute.
- Shanelle likes how Aladdin can produce Heat Magic, saying it makes her feel warm on a cold day.

What is their least favorite thing about each other?
- Aladdin doesn't like it when Shanelle talks down on herself.
- Shanelle hates Aladdin's perverted nature and hates to see him groping another woman's boobs.

- Aladdin: None.
- Shanelle: None.

Quirky Mannerism
- Aladdin doesn't like when Shanelle taps her finger on her desk or any flat surface whenever she gets impatient.
- Shanelle doesn't like it when Aladdin eats watermelon when he's right next to her because it makes a big mess.

What do they usually do together?
- In class, they are often sharing a scroll together, and they even hang out in the library at Sindria.
- They go to Shanelle's favorite restaurant to eat and chat.
- They go dancing whenever there's a festival.
- They take dance lessons from Alath, Sinbad's younger sister.
- They take a nap in the garden together.

What common interests do they have? 
- They both have common interests in reading and learning magic.

What do they enjoy talking about?
- They often enjoy talking to each other about the little things life or how their day was. They will even talk about their backgrounds, sometimes.

Do they share any hobbies?
- Reading, practicing their magic, dancing, etc.

Do they enjoy teasing or picking on each other?
- Sometimes, yes. However, Aladdin tries not to tease Shanelle too much, especially about her chest, given the fact that she's very sensitive about it.

What do they do to make each other happy?
- Aladdin will try and make Shanelle happy bringing her flowers and sharing his food with her whenever she needs cheering up. He will even do something funny to make her laugh.
- Shanelle would bring Aladdin some watermelon or one of her homemade lunchboxes to make him happy.

Are they sexually active? Is it a huge part of their relationship?
- Absolutely not. After all, they are just kids.

Do they enjoy going out with friends or would they rather just stay with each other?
- They do enjoy spending time with Alibaba, Morgiana, Alozza, Shahra, and the others, but at times, they want some time to themselves and will sneak off to a secret place to talk.

If they fight, what is it typically over?
- Shanelle chastising Aladdin for groping, even though he says he swore off it.
- There were times when Aladdin says that his job as a Magi comes before her, which she really hates.

Who is the one to start the fights?
- Aladdin, mostly.

What views do they have that they disagree with each other on?
- Aladdin doesn't like how Shanelle doesn't want to forgive those who did her wrong, even though he doesn't blame her, but he's mostly fearful that this will cause her to fall into depravity.
- Shanelle believes that Aladdin is carrying too much of a burden on his shoulders as a Magi.

What do they do that gets on each others nerves?
- Aladdin hates when Shanelle scolds him on his perverted mannerisms.
- Shanelle hates it when Aladdin acts perverted around women, especially around Yamraiha.


Do they ever get married?
- Yes, about 10 years later.

Do they have children?
- None yet.

What is their favorite memory of their time together?
- When Aladdin asked Shanelle out for a date at her favorite restaurant in Sindria. That was the night Aladdin realized he truly loved Shanelle.

Have either of them passed away yet? If so, how did the other handle the loss? 
- No.

Do their family / friends agree with their relationship? Do they care about their family / friends opinions?
- Alibaba (yes, Alibaba is alive somehow) was very happy for Aladdin, as was Morgiana and the others, something Aladdin was thankful for, because he knew his friends would be supportive, and he knows that if Solomon and Sheba were still alive, they would approve, too.
- Shanelle's family was worried at first, but they knew she would be fine with Aladdin. Alozza and her little sister and brother, Dunya and Yakul, especially approved of it, and Shanelle was very happy when her family gave her their blessings.

Have a different way to describe your couple? 
-Just plain adorable.


"A Whole New World" from Aladdin (cliche, I know XD)

"Faith" by Ruppina.


None, yet.




Magi: Aladdin Meets Shanelle

Magi: Aladdin Protects Shanelle

Magi: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Magi- 20 Years Later: Aladdin and Shanelle

AlaShan Couple Sheet
After seeing something like this done by :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:, I decided to do this with Aladdin and Shanelle, too. :aww:

Original: Couple Development Reference Sheet by :iconhvalross:



Magi (C) Shinobu Ohtaka

Shanelle (C) Me

Alozza and Alath (C) :icondarkdarling98:

3,251 deviations
210 deviations
998 deviations
It's finally happened!

I was NOT expecting it! Well, I was expecting it, but I did NOT expect it to be something like this!!

Oda, you've done it again!!! :la:
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