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Empty Stomachs and Grumpy Wolf-Dogs by XfangheartX
Empty Stomachs and Grumpy Wolf-Dogs
The Straw Hats are out of food supplies again, and Luffy is left to complain about his growling stomach, and Blizzard, trying to sleep, is irritated by all the noise Luffy's stomach is making, especially when the hungry pirate sits beside him.

BTW, these are the outfits Luffy and Blizzard will wear in my One Piece fanmade movie, The Island of Children.



One Piece (C) Oda

Blizzard (C) Me

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PMDU: Team Inferno, Team Summer Storm, and Team Gravity in:
Cactus Fields

Part 1- Rescue on the Rocks

 “Alexis, please be careful out there.”

 “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

 “And please don’t let yourself get bitten by anything out there! Desert snakes are poisonous!”

 “Okay, Danny! Sheesh, at least Kuro’s going with me!”

 “Even though I’ll probably die out there.”

 “I thought you said a true warrior never feels hot.”

 “I don’t! That doesn’t mean I like being out there, though!”

 Alexis is getting ready to go out with Hathor, Bass, and Gavina, as well as several other Explorers teams, to rescue the lost merchants out in the desert. Daniel opted to stay behind and help Luke with the info booth, but asked Kuro to go with the Growlithe. Alexis understood, though, given the Vulpix’s timid nature.

 “You don’t mind watching Bella, too, right?” Alexis asked.

 “Sure, I don’t mind,” Daniel answered. “Hey…where is Bellatrix?”

 “She’s over there,” Alexis answered, pointing at the Shiny Fennekin sitting on a crate under the shade of the gigant cactus, looking distant. “You think you can talk to her or something? She’s been acting weird ever since we left home.”

 “Yeah, I’ll talk to her,” Daniel replied. “Not sure if I’ll get much from her, though.”

 “I appreciate it, anyway,” Alexis said. “See ya later, Danny! Let’s go, Kuro!”

 “Hai,” Kuro muttered before he got up and followed Alexis away, leaving Daniel alone with Bellatrix. The Shiny Vulpix paused as he looked down, feeling a bit awkward about being left with the younger kit. After all, he hardly knew her like Alexis did. Maybe this was a good chance to break the ice between them.

 With that in mind, Daniel approached Bellatrix, who continued to sit alone on her little perch, sulking.

 “Uh…hey, Bellatrix?” the six-tailed vulpine asked. “Uh…hi. It’s me Daniel.”

 Bellatrix’s eyes didn’t shift to him, and the Shiny Vulpix mentally hit himself for not remembering that she was practically blind.

 “Listen, Bellatrix,” Daniel started, “Alexis left, but she put me in charge of you until she gets back, okay?”

 “…I guess that’s okay,” Bellatrix answered, dismally.

 ‘Wow, Alexis was right,’ Daniel thought. ‘Something is wrong with her.’

 “Uh…Bellatrix?” he asked. “Are you…feeling okay? Do you want anything? A drink maybe?”

 “I’m fine, thank you,” Bellatrix answered.

 “Well, do you wanna play a game?”


 “Okay…uh…what do you wanna do, then?”

 “I just wanna sit here by myself, all right?”

 “You sure?”

 “Yes! What am I, on trial!?”

Am I on trial?! by XfangheartX

 Daniel yelped at the kit’s sudden outburst, causing her to gasp quietly before she looked away.

 “I’m sorry,” she said.

 “I-it’s okay,” Daniel answered. “Listen…I’ll be inside if you need anything, okay?”

 “Okay,” Bellatrix replied as the Shiny Vulpix went inside to help set up the info booth.

‘I hope Alexis comes back soon,’ he thought.


 Meanwhile, out in the desert, Gavina, Hathor, and the Explorers Teams, Team Bluestar, Team Steam Shell, Team Monkeybone, Yuri from Team Xilla Tail, and Team Rainbow Punches, that accompanied them are traversing through the sands with Bass “swimming” beneath the sand in front of them. However, for some reason, Alexis and Kuro are sitting upon Hathor’s head.

 “Any particular reason why you’re on my head and not walking on the ground?” the old Camerupt asked.

 “Sorry,” Alexis answered. “We hope we’re not bothering you.”

 “Just bear with us until we get to the ravine,” Kuro added. “There’s just no other option.”

 A pause…before Alexis spoke, “We’re just too tired to walk.”

Get off my head! by XfangheartX

 “What?!” Hathor questioned, smoke coming out of her nostrils. “That’s a stupid reason! Get off me, you couple of moochers!!”

 “Miss Hathor, just let them ride on your head for now,” Gavina said. “I’m sorry about their less than pleasurable attitudes, but believe me when I say that Alexis can reliable when need-be. Plus, she brought her friend along with her, and we’ll need all the help we can.”

 ‘Plus, I really don’t wanna carry anyone, especially in this heat,’ the Hawlucha thought.

 “Hey, look!” exclaimed Yuri, pointing ahead. “Is that it?”

 Soon, the group found a huge ravine up ahead of them, and even though it was a bit faint, they could also hear voices coming from down below it.

 “I hear someone down there,” said Kuro.

 “The merchants?” asked Aqua of Steam Shell.

 “Possibly,” answered Hathor.

 “We best be careful,” said Bass. “If I’m right, a pack of Gabite should be in this area. Luckily, I know how to ‘speak their language’, if ya get my meanin’.”

 “So we’re gonna kick their asses is what you’re saying?” Alexis asked.

 “Provided we keep the merchants and their equipment safe from them and not do any damage to them ourselves,” Gavina corrected.

 “Right, but…I still get to kick ass, right Vinnie?”

 “Yes, Alexis, you do.”


 “So how should we go about rescuing them?” asked Caesar the Chimchar.

 “We drop a line down and pull ‘em up, one-by-one,” Hathor answered. “It’s a bit time-consuming, but it’s the only effective way until the tide comes in.”

 “I thought that works for the ocean,” Alexis said.

 “It works out here in the desert, too, I guess,” said Violet the Riolu.

 “We better hurry, then,” said Twig the Aipom, looking around. “I’d hate for those Gabite to show up around here.”

 “Then let’s do this this thing!” Alexis exclaimed as she ran to the edge of the ravine and looked down. There, she found a Kecleon, a Fennekin with a pair goggles around his neck, a Lopunny holding a little Buneary in her arms, and a Gloom, and they had some boxes around them.

 “That them?” Kuro asked. “The merchants?”

 “Looks like it,” Gavina answered. “Hello~!”

 The Pokemon looked up at the group of Explorers above them.

 “Is everyone all right?” Gavina asked.

 “We’re fine!” answered the Fennekin. “But our Rapidash spooked and ran off without us! We’re stranded here with all our equipment!”

 “Remain calm!” Gavina called down to them. “We’re coming to rescue you!”

 “Uh, guys?” Aqua the Wartortle asked. “We got a problem.”

 “What?” Alexis asked.

 “Just look,” Aqua said, and as they turned around, they saw a bunch of dorsal fins, sticking out of the surface of the sand, heading right towards them.

 “Not good,” said Tella the Arbok.

 “Those the Gabite you were talkin’ about, Bass?” asked Alexis, an eager smirk on her face.

 “Sure are, kid,” Bass answered. “Looks like they need some…‘persuadin’’ to leave these kind folks alone. Who’s with me?”

 “I’m up for it!” Twig said.

 “Meanwhile, some of us are gonna get these ‘mons outta the ravine!” said Violet.

 “Hold them off for us!” Gavina called.

 “This will be a cinch,” Alexis said, cracking her neck.

 Soon, a pack of Gabite emerged from the sand, charging at the group.

 “Let’s get ‘em!” shouted the leader, the one with a scar on his snout.

 “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH!!!” Alexis roared as she charged at them, other Explorers and Bass following after her. Soon, the Growlithe collided with the lead Gabite, using her Take Down attack right into his belly.

 “Take THIS!!” shouted Twig, punching one of them in the jaw with his Focus Punch. However, not long after they both landed their attacks that they came back with some bruising.

 “What the-?!” Alexis questioned.

 “Crap!” Twig cursed. “They must have the Rough Skin ability!”

 The Gabite chuckled at this before they prepared to move in and attack, but then WHAM!! Bass leapt out of the sand behind them and whipped them with his tail.

 “Thanks, man!” Alexis said.

 “Think nothin’ of it!” Bass answered. “Harhar!”

 BAP!! Gavina punched another Gabite in the jaw while Tella started to squeeze one of them tightly, Torak used his Focus Blast on another, Aqua used her Water Pulse attack to confuse a third Gabite, and Yuri used his Razor Shell attack on a fourth.

 Meanwhile, the other Explorers are helping the merchants get out of the ravine, as well as get their equipment, which is boxed up in the crates. Caesar, Violet, Hathor, Hector, Ixchel, and Kuro are pulling the rope, hoisting the merchants up, one-by-one, along with the crates.

 “Be careful with this stuff!” said the goggle-wearing Fennekin. “We can’t get this anywhere else! They’re really hard to come by!”

 “Don’t worry!” Kuro reassured. “We’re on it!”

 As they kept pulling, another Gabite attempted to attack the rescue group from Hathor’s right flank, but then, CHOMP!! Alexis jumped at the dragon at the last second, sending him reeling back in pain. However, she didn’t notice another fin going down into the ravine, just as the merchants had been pulled out…except one.

 “Wait!” cried the Lopunny. “My baby!”

 “Mama!!” cried the little Buneary, still standing at the bottom.

 “Oh, no!” Gavina cried as she spotted a familiar dorsal fin, coming up out of the sand and heading straight for the little rabbit. The owner emerged, revealing it to be the lead Gabite.

Kuro attacks by XfangheartX

 “Time for my lunch!!” he shouted, frightening the poor bunny as he lunged at her from behind, but then, KRUUUUNCH!!! A pair of jaws clamped down over his eyes, causing him to scream in surprise and pain as Kuro sank his fangs around his face. As they did, Violet came down using the rope and picked the little Buneary up before being hoisted back up to the surface, Kuro following after them.

 “Way to go, Kuro!” Alexis cheered as Violet gave the Buneary back to her mother, who hugged and kissed her lovingly with relief.

 “Good job, everybody,” said Gavina. “Now let’s get out of here before more of those Gabite show up!”

 “You heard her!” Hathor said. “Let’s move it!”

 With that, they all piled into the wagon the Camerupt was pulling and high-tailed it back to the cactus fields (with Alexis and Kuro once again riding on the camel’s head).

 On the trip back, Alexis smiled as she looked at Kuro, who looked back at her.

 “What?” he asked.

 “That was a pretty gutsy thing,” Alexis spoke. “Then again, you’ve always been that way.”

 “Being a warrior means taking risks, now and then,” Kuro said. “If I let an innocent wind up in the belly of a dragon, I can’t really call myself a warrior now can I?”

 “What is it with you and all this ‘warrior’ stuff?” Alexis asked.

 “…It’s something my Father taught me,” Kuro answered.

 “Hey, Kuro,” Alexis said. “You never talk about where you’re from…how come?”

 “Because you never ask,” Kuro replied. “Besides…I think there are some things you shouldn’t know about me…not yet, anyway.”

 The Growlithe blinked at the Dark-type before shrugging and looking ahead.

 “Whatever, dude,” she said. “It’s your life.”

His name is :iconego-man25:, and he's probably one of the best fanfiction writers I've ever met here on good ol' DA!

Check out his crossover series, Ryuko Time, and more!

Here's a link to his gallery to get ya started!…

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A collection of stamps that I like.
One Piece Stamp 3 by MonkeyDPattyRIP John stamp by RedSlashwolfOpalescence U MAD Stamp by DJ-CrossbonesFriendship is Magic by LadyQuintessenceBuruge stamp by RedSlashwolf
Kyoushiro stamp by RedSlashwolfNatural colors is no guarantee by nekonotaishou:MS Paint: by Minty-Hippo+Stamp+ Communication Problems by TenshiNoFuuStraw Hat Luffy by Fyi-Sus Luffy x Nami - Stamp by xAssiduityxSTAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwangOne Piece UC STAMP 2 by FJLinkOne Piece UC STAMP 1 by FJLinkStraw Hat Pride Stamp by the-ocean-sings :thumb290351465:+Prize+ OP Monster Trio Stamp by TenshiNoFuuLucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991XfangheartX Supportive Stamp by Captain-ParamoreChristian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar :thumb395376264:Furfrou Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps:thumb286911931:HamtaroxBijou by Atlanta-HammyLuffyxNami - Stamp by xAssiduityx Reshiram Stamp by S-Laughtur


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