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 Chopper’s ears twitch at the sound of raspy breathing behind him. He puts down his pen, which he used to scribble down notes, as he turns and sees the little six-year-old girl on the bed, a familiar lump of cream-colored fur curled up at her side. Her face is flushed pink and beads of sweat fall from her brow. She goes into a bout of coughing, thick with phlegm, before she rests her head on the pillow. Her long hair, once straight and flowing, is now tangled and messy with sweat and the drips of water coming from the damp rag on her forehead, used to lower her fever.

 Chopper stares sadly before he turns back and continues his work.

 Yesterday seemed to start out so normally…until they realized Aika did not show up for breakfast that morning. Luffy was the first to look for her, and he nearly panicked when he found his half-sister in her room, curled up under the covers with Kumi at her side, and hear her speak in such a weak, hoarse voice- a deep contrast to her normally cheery tone- he almost outright panicked. Nami managed to calm him down though before going to get Chopper, and Luffy stays with Aika, petting her head in assurance and trying to comfort her as best he could.

 When he got her to the sick bay, Chopper gave her a quick checkup and found symptoms such as a sore throat, a fever of 102 degrees, wheezing when she attempted to breathe, and when she coughed, she managed to get out a bit of mucus, which was yellow, a sure sign of an infection. The doctor diagnosed her with acute bronchitis, telling the crew to let her stay in bed and rest for about a week.

 When Luffy made that face of heartbreak and worry, Chopper felt his heart sink.

 Speaking of Luffy, the Straw Hat Captain sat nearby on a chair he pulled in, watching his sister sleep. He reaches his hand out, his fingers brushing aside some strands of hair and sweat from her face.

 “…Big…Brother…” she says in barely a whisper, and Luffy feels his heart clench. It hurt him, seeing his younger half-sister look so frail like this. He missed how the little wolf-girl would run around on the deck and frolic around on snowy islands in her animal form, laughing and yipping with delight as her faithful Akita puppy ran alongside her. Instead, she lies here, sick and in pain…and he hated it.

 “Luffy…I gave her some medicine,” Chopper told him. “I know it’s hard, but you have to let Aika rest as best she can.”

 “…I want her better,” Luffy spoke.

 “I know you do,” Chopper answered, “and I promise, she will be.”


 The two turn and see Sanji entering, holding a tray with a saucer in his hands. He remembers to put out his “cancer stick” before entering the room, knowing that Chopper prohibits smoking in the sick bay, especially with Aika’s current condition.

 Yesterday, Zoro was about to quip about how it might’ve been Sanji’s smoking habits that caused Aika to fall ill in the first place, but he decided against it, knowing it wasn’t the time or the place.

 It didn’t stop the swordsman from saying it in his thoughts, though.

 “I got soup for Aika,” Sanji said. “There’s salt in the broth. It should help to soothe her throat.” He then turned to the captain. “And you should eat something, too. You skipped dinner yesterday and I know you skipped breakfast this morning, too.”

 “How can I eat when my sister’s sick?” Luffy asked, looking at Aika.

 “I understand how you feel,” Sanji said. “Still, you shouldn’t starve yourself out of worry.”

 “Big Brother…” Aika rasped. “Please…go eat.”

 “But Aika-” Luffy started.

 “I’ll be okay,” Aika reassured with a weak smile. “Just go and eat something…if you won’t do it for Sanji…will you do it for me?”

 Luffy paused as he stared at the child…until an angry rumble soon emitted from his stomach. The captain sighed, realizing his own hunger, before looking down at Aika and smiling.

 “Sure, Aika,” he said as he got up. “I’ll go eat…for you.”

 With that, he headed out of the kitchen and into the galley. Sanji sighs and shakes his head before glancing at Aika and setting the tray down in front of her. Then, the cook promptly helps her sit up in bed, one hand rubbing comforting circles on her back as she coughs.

 “Easy, there,” Sanji tells her before he spoons some of the soup, blowing on it gently to cool it down just enough so it wouldn’t burn her tongue, before he begins to feed it to her. Aika hummed a bit in an attempt to savor whatever tastes she could get from the broth before she swallows, and with her sore throat, it felt a bit painful. Still, Sanji helps her eat as much as she can and stops when it seemed like she was about to throw up, and when she finished the whole bowl, the cook would praise her.

 “Well…I know you don’t like it when people waste food,” she told him, and Sanji feels his heart melt at how adorable and thoughtful she is.

 He takes her plate out to wash it, but leaves her some water to drink, and he also leaves something for Chopper, and for Kumi, he leaves her food and water dish, knowing the pup would not leave Aika’s side for anything. She was too loyal to think of anything else…not even her own well-being.

 As Sanji goes out the door, he unwittingly steps on a white-furred tail, prompting a surprised and pained yelp from the Straw Hats’ resident wolf-dog.

 “Whoops!” Sanji cried. “Sorry about that, Blizzard.”

 Blizzard groans as he lies back down again. Normally, stepping on the canine’s tail would cause him to engage in a chase, but now was not the time for one. For now, the white wolf-dog lies by the sick bay door to stand guard in case of any approaching threats, be it Marines or otherwise. Crew members were the only ones who were allowed access.

 After lunch, Luffy attempted to return to the sick bay to sit with Aika again, but upon entering, he finds Zoro sitting in his place, instead. Luffy opens his mouth to speak, but the swordsman glances at him with his single eye. Not a single word is uttered. Instead, Luffy smiles and nods his head.

 “I’ll be back later,” the captain said before walking out.

 Zoro looks back at Aika, whose eyes are shut as she breathes. A few coughs causes her to unconsciously shift between her human and animal forms, but one more brings her back to her back to her human self.

 “How’re you feeling, Little Wolf?” Zoro asked.

 “My throat hurts…and my chest does, too,” Aika answers.

 “I bet they do,” Zoro said. “Still…you’re a good kid, toughing it out and not complaining about it too much.”

 “Thank you,” Aika smiled. “I try to be strong like Big Brother is.”

 Zoro can’t help but chuckle, and Chopper and Kumi also crack smiles of their.

 ‘She really is Luffy’s sister,’ they all think.

 After a while, Aika falls asleep, and Zoro leaves the sick bay to head outside, only to find that it is already sunset. He sees Luffy and Usopp sitting on the railing, fishing for supper, while Franky steers the ship. The sniper notices Zoro before nudging his captain gently and pointing to the swordsman. Luffy looks before setting down his fishing rod and running over to him.

 “She’s sleeping now,” the swordsman tells him. “Leave her alone for a bit.”

 “Okay,” Luffy said.

 “I know you’re worried about her, captain,” Zoro started, “but she’ll be fine…she’s got us.”

 “…Yeah, I know,” Luffy smiled, causing Zoro to lightly punch him in the shoulder, earning a laugh from the captain.


 “Turn hard to port!!” Nami’s voice could be heard shouting. “Furl up the sails!!”

 The crew scrambles around the deck, following the navigator’s orders as Franky tried to steer the Sunny away from some very dark clouds…that rained scalding hot water.

 “How the hell is this even possible?!” Usopp questioned.

 “Don’t question it!” Nami shouted. “It’s the New World, idiot! NOW SHUT UP AND HELP LUFFY FURL THE SAILS!!”

 You couldn’t blame Nami for yelling louder than usual. After all, such weather was extremely dangerous, especially now that one of their members is ill. As navigator, Nami had to do everything in her power to stay out of any dangerous weather conditions and islands, for fear that they would only make Aika’s condition worse. Franky also knew that sailing into any harsh waters would only cause more stress for Aika, which is why he took on steering duty.

 “Franky, turn the ship away from the clouds!!” Nami shouted. “Turn the ship 45 degrees to port!”

 “I’m trying, but it’s not shifting!!” Franky cried.

 “Sanji, help him!” Nami ordered, but even before she shouted, the cook was already on his way to the helm to help the shipwright. They grunted as they tried to push the wheel as hard as they could, and just as it seemed they were about to sail right into the storm, the ship creaked as she began to slowly turn to the left, away from the clouds. Everyone felt their breath hitch, thinking the storm might follow, but as the distance between them and the clouds grew, it was at that moment that they all heaved a simultaneous sigh of relief.

 “That was way too close,” Zoro said.

 “Good job, pointing that out, Nami!” Luffy called.

 “Yeah,” Nami said as she turned to see Chopper coming outside.

 “How’s your patient, Chopper?” Robin asked.

 “She’s still resting,” Chopper said. “Her fever hasn’t gone down yet, but the medicine I gave her should help.”

 “Good to hear,” Luffy said. “We’re counting on you, Chopper.”

 “S-saying like that won’t make me happy, you dumb-ass!!” Chopper said, wriggling about happily. Of course, this caused everyone to smile.

 Nami, meanwhile, made her way to the sick bay, where she found the youngest member asleep on the bed, Kumi still curled up beside her. The pup raised her head, causing Nami to smile as she pet her head gently, then looked over at Aika.

 “Hi, Big Sis Nami,” Aika said, her voice still quite hoarse.

 “Hi,” Nami greeted softly.

 “What was going on out there?” Aika asked.

 “There was a storm that rained hot water,” Nami answered. “We were about to sail right into it, but Franky and I managed to get everyone away from it.”

 “That’s good,” Aika said. “You’re a great navigator, Big Sis Nami.”

 Nami smiled and ran her fingers through Aika’s hair.

 “Thank you, sweetie,” she whispered. “Do you need anything?”

 “Uh…I actually have to use the bathroom,” Aika answered. “I’ve been holding it in for 30 minutes.”

 “Really?!” Nami asked in surprise. “O-okay, hang on, lemme get you outta here.”

 She then gently picked the six-year-old up and carried her off to use the toilet. About 10 seconds later, she was out, washing her hands, and then back in bed. Luffy was in the sick bay to sit with Aika not long after. Nami gives the captain a light kiss on the cheek before heading out to keep watch.

 After a while, Luffy falls asleep in his seat while Chopper continues to work. Usopp enters as the captain snoozes before he sits on the bed with a smile, and Aika smiles back at him in greeting. As Luffy sleeps, the sniper regales the younger D. carrier with tales of his time on the Bowin Archipelago (leaving out the fact that he had grown rather…corpulent when he got there), how he fought off and tamed giant insects, such as a Hercules beetle and a tarantula, and braved jungles with carnivorous plants with his mentor Heracles. Aika listened with wide eyes of whimsy, and even Luffy and Chopper, the former having woken up, listened with awe, possibly because these were honest truths coming the usually lying sniper.

 By the time Usopp had finished talking, Aika had fallen asleep, her mouth upturned in a dreaming smile. The sniper chuckles before he tiptoes out of the room. Blizzard still sits outside, guarding the sick bay door.

 Outside, Brook softly plays the tune of Binks’ Sake on his violin, the melody ringing throughout the ship, causing everyone to turn to the direction it came from.

 “Just because young Miss Aika is ill,” the skeleton said, “it should not mean she cannot enjoy a song. Yohohohoho!”


 Nighttime again. Everyone lies in bed, sleeping the night away…except one.

 Robin stands in the Crow’s Nest on watch duty, keeping an eye out for any danger. In the sick bay, her clone sits on the bed, holding a book in her hands while Luffy stills sleeps in his chair and Chopper snores against his desk. The historian looks down at Aika, who is still sleeping, before she smiles and gently pets her head. She puts a red ribbon in between the pages of the book before closing it gently and getting up to put it back in the library. Once that’s done, her clone disappears in an array of flower petals.


 “Gum-Gum GATLING!!!”

 Several pirates fall from the deck and into the ocean below. Luffy glares, dusting his palms before he senses another opponent. Turning around, he decks another pirate with a fast punch, knocking out a few teeth. All around him, he can hear the sounds of battle cries, gunshots, and the clanging of blades clashing.

 One minute, the Straw Hats are enjoying breakfast, and the next thing they knew, they hear the all too familiar sound of a cannonball whistling through the air, followed by a humongous splash. Luckily, it didn’t hit any part of the Sunny, but the Straw Hats knew that they had to hurry and fight off the encroaching threat.

 To these pirates, anyone not flying their flag was an enemy, and they’d take any one of them out…even Aika should any one of these scoundrels reach her.

 A pirate screams as Zoro leaves a deep gash on his stomach, causing him to stumble over the railing before he falls into the ocean. Two more attempt to attack from behind, but several arms suddenly appear on their bodies, entangling them before they snap their spines in half. Zoro glances over at Robin, who winks at him with her arms crossed, causing the swordsman to nod at her gratefully before he rushes off to find another opponent to fight.

 Nami grunts as she manages to push back another foe, and as one lunges at her from behind with spiked boxing gloves, the navigator turns around and, with her Sorcery Clima-Tact black with Haki, she slams him in the jaw and sends yet another pirate over the rail.

 “Impact WOLF!!” Usopp shouted, sending a giant, bushy wolf at some more pirates, which are sent flying after touching the bulb on its nose, and Franky stands with his back against the sniper’s own, shooting other pirates with his Weapons Left attack.

 “Blizzard SLICE!!” Brook shouts as he sheathes Soul Solid, leaving a frigid slash on a rather burly pirate wielding a spiked ball mace, and not too far away from him, Sanji kicks the brute off the ship with a blazing kick. Chopper, in his Kung Fu Point form, cries out wildly as he leaves a hoof-shaped bruise on the neck of his opponent, knocking him out within mere seconds.

 As everyone fought their hardest outside, one had to wonder…who is guarding the sick bay?

 In the kitchen, one lone pirate, who is either brave enough or stupid enough to sneak in here while the battle went on, snickers as he begins to make his way to the sick bay door. Although, he mistook it for some sort of storage room, and he was somewhat right. Either way, he was going to get whatever was in there…at least that’s what he believed, but he was about to discover that he was dead wrong.

 As the pirate was about to open the door, a deep growl suddenly sounds off behind him. As he turns…he soon screams as he feels a set of sharp fangs sink deep into his arm, snapping right through the bone. Had they gone any further, he was certain those fangs would’ve cut off his arm like a pair of scissors through paper. He is then tossed out like a rag doll, landing on one of his comrades. Luffy looks up at the kitchen, where he sees a familiar white tail slink back into the shadows within.

 Blizzard growls in his throat as he licks the blood off his lips before he sits down against the door.

 ’No way are those assholes gonna get passed me,’ he thought.

 In the sick bay, Kumi listens with pricked ears before she glances over at Aika, who continues to sleep, holding her favorite gray wolf plush, Timber, in her arms. She notices that the flush on the girl’s face is of a lighter shade, now, and the Akita smiles warmly.

 ‘She’s getting better,’ she thought. ‘It’s only a matter of time, now.’

 When the fight was over, Chopper went back to give Aika a quick once-over…and imagine the crew’s relief and joy when they heard that her fever had gone down, and that the worst was practically over.


 Luffy yawns as he wakes up that morning, but as he looks over to the bed, he sees that it’s empty. Gasping in surprise, the captain jumps to his feet and runs outside…only to stop when he is welcomed by a warm sight: Aika, in her wolf form, running around the lawn in a playful game of chase with Kumi while the Straw Hats sit around and watch them, smiling warmly.

 Luffy sighs, his heart swelling with great joy as the sounds of Aika’s jubilant laughter fills his ears, her voice now clears as a little bell and no longer congested and hoarse. He then puts on his signature grin before heading down the stairs to the deck and running to the wolf girl, who chirps as she runs up and jumps into his arms, thus causing him to fall on his back, and soon after, Kumi, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Blizzard, and Brook soon join the pile-up while Franky, Zoro, and Robin stand idly by with their amused grins.

 Everything is alive again…now that Aika is well.
One Piece Prompts- Sickness
Summary- In which Aika is sick and the Straw Hats do whatever they can to take care of her.


So, I decided to just go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. So here's the first prompt. Keep in mind, there will be some minor shipping, but there won't be too much of it.




One Piece © Oda

Blizzard, Monkey D. Aika, Kumi © Me


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Ch. 2- Meeting the Gang! Aika’s Fears?

 It was nighttime at the apartment complex where Luffy and Aika stayed. In fact, it was well passed midnight. In one room, Aika lies on her bed, her eyes wide as she looks out the window…and she sees the grinning crescent moon outside, snickering almost evilly as it seemed to glare down at her.

 She whimpered as she clutched at the ends of her blanket, unable to sleep in this unfamiliar room in this unfamiliar city…but the only thing that made it worse…was when a red substance started seeping out of the moon’s teeth…like blood!

 “KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Aika screamed as she leaped out of bed, ran to the door, dashed across the living room, opened the door across from her, and then leaped into that bed, which held Luffy inside.

 “OOF!!” Luffy cried as his sister jumped onto the bed, clinging to his chest. “A-Aika, what’s going-”

 “I don’t like it here, Big Brother!!” Aika said as she looked up at Luffy with her big, wet eyes. “It’s too scary! The moon is creepy, and nothing in my room smells right!! I miss Kumi, and Big Sis Nami, and Blizzard, and everyone else!!!”

 With that, the poor girl broke down in tears. Luffy sighed as he hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead in the hope of comforting her.

 “I know, Sis,” he whispers. “I miss Nami and everyone else, too.”

 As Aika sobbed, Luffy continued to comfort her as best as he could. After what felt like hours…Aika cried herself to sleep in Luffy’s arms. The Straw Hat Captain sighed as he looked out the window, sadly.

 ‘Nami…everyone,’ he thought. ‘I hope you’re doing okay without us.’


  The following morning, Luffy and Aika are out walking with Maka and Soul, and right now, the former is telling the Meister and her partner of Aika’s current dilemma. Luckily, Aika was a bit far from them, so she couldn’t really hear them.

 “Wow…I didn’t even think about how much this would effect her,” said Maka, almost guiltily.

 “It’s not your fault,” Luffy said. “She’s not used to this, is all.”

 “I don’t blame her, really,” Soul added. “I mean, if I were here, I’d feel nervous about being in a new place, far away from all my friends, too. I mean, if Maka is with me, it’s different.”

 “I’m sure Aika will get used to things soon, Luffy,” Maka reassured.

 “Man, I hope so, Maka,” Luffy replied. “I really do.”

 “Well, maybe meeting the others will do her a world of good,” Soul smiled.

 “Yeah,” Luffy said, smiling as well.

 Soon, the quartet arrived at the park, where they saw Black*Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz and Patty, Blair, Shino, Spike, her two little brothers, Mark and Will, Alex Shawshank, Logan, Katherine, Jason, Vanellope, and Kutaro waiting for them.

 “Hi, guys!” Maka called.

 “Hey, Maka!” Shino greeted.

 “Hey, it’s Luffy!” Tsubaki exclaimed.

 “Luffy!” Mark and Will cheered.

 “Yahoo!!” Black*Star hollered. “Long time, no see!”

 “It’s good to see you again,” Kid added.

 “Good to see you guys, too!” Luffy grinned. “Shishishishi!”

 “What brings you all the way down to our neck of the woods?” Spike asked.

 “Well, it was kind of an accident, more or less,” Luffy said. “Anyway, since I’m here, there’s someone I want you to meet!”

 He then scoot over a step, revealing Aika standing behind him. Almost immediately, everyone swooned upon seeing her.

 “Well, isn’t she the cutest little ladybug you ever laid eyes on?” Shino asked.

 “Ladybug…?” Aika asked, blushing slightly as she looked at Shino.

 “Everyone, meet Luffy’s little sister, Aika,” Maka said.

 “Sister?!” Liz repeated. “Since when?!”

 “Since a few months ago, actually,” Soul answered. “We were shocked about it, too.”

 “Hi, Aika,” Tsubaki said as she squat down in front of Aika to reach her height level. “I’m Tsubaki Nakatsukaa. It’s nice to meet you, too.”

 “It’s nice to meet you, too,” Aika said before her nose twitched. “You smell nice…like camellia blossoms.”

 Tsubaki giggled at this.

“Aren’t you sweet?” she asked. “That’s actually what my name means.”

 “And I’m the great and powerful Black*Star! Yahoo!!” Black*Star exclaimed, striking a pose. “You’ll never see a star shine brighter than me!!”

 “…Really?” Aika asked. “Then…how come your name is Black*Star then? It doesn’t sound like you’d shine very brightly.”

 Upon hearing that, Black*Star fell down in a comical fashion, causing Spike to snicker.

 “I like this kid, already!” the werewolf-witch said, causing Aika to smile.

 “I’m Death the Kid,” said Kid as he walked up to Aika. “I’m a Gun Meister, and these two are my partners, the Thompson Sisters, Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. I just call them Liz and Patty.”

 “Hi, cutie,” Liz smiled.

 “Hi-hi!” Patty chirped.

 “Hi,” Aika greeted, her confidence growing. “It’s nice too meet you.”

 “I’m Spike,” Spike greeted as she approached Aika, along with her brothers. “I’m Shino’s weapon partner. My real name’s Sicily, but just call me ‘Spike’.” She then gestured to Mark and Will. “These two here are my little brothers, Mark of Diamonds and Will of Spades.”

 “Hi!” Mark greeted.

 “Hi there!” Will added.

“Shino Kurohana,” said Shino, taking his hat off and putting it to his chest while bowing his head. “I’m Spike’s Meister. It’s nice to meet you, Aika.”

 “Hi,” Aika said, shyly, her blush intensifying.

 “Looks like you’ve got yourself a little admire, Shino,” Spike whispered with a small giggle.

 “You’re not mad, are ya?” Shino asked, putting his hat back on.

 “Nah,” Spike said. “It’s not in me to get mad at little kids.”

 “Hey! You get mad at me all the time!” Mark interjected.

 “Yeah, I do,” Spike replied as she pinched his cheek and pulled it. “The reason why is because you always act like an annoying little butt-hole!”

 “Ouch!! Lemme go!!” Mark cried.

 “The name’s Alex Shawshank,” Alex said as he came up next. “A pleasure.”

 “Nice to meet you,” Aika said. “Wow…I’m meeting so many people at once. It’s…kind of overwhelming.”

 “I know the feeling,” said Alex, gently petting Aika’s head. “How do you think it was for me when I met Maka and the rest?”

 “Pretty difficult?” Aika asked.

 “It took a while, but I took to them like a duck to water,” Alex answered.

 “You took to me and the others pretty quickly, too, remember?” Luffy asked as he pet Aika, who giggled.

 “I’m Logan Owlfeather,” said Logan before he turned to Katherine, Jason, Arya, Kutaro, and Vanellope, “and these 4 are Katherine, Jason, Arya, Kutaro, and Vanellope Evergreen.”

 “Together, we’re…” Kutaro started.

 “The Six Feathers!” Vanellope exclaimed.

 “It’s a little name they came up with for us,” Arya said. “Cute isn’t it?”

 “Shishishishi!” Aika giggled.

 “Hey, you wanna see a magic trick?” Logan asked.

 “Sure!” Aika answered. “I love magic tricks!”

 “Okay then!” Logan said as he held up his hands. “Kutaro! Vanellope! Why don’t you show Aika your newest spell?”

 “Okay!” Kutaro said. “Ready, sis?”

 “You bet!” Vanellope said before she and Kutaro stood face-to-face, the latter forming a fireball in his hands. Then, he threw it up into the sky, and as it began to descend, it grew bigger and bigger and bigger, the heat intensifying with its size!

 “Uh…shouldn’t you do something about that?!” Aika asked, worriedly.

 “Now Vanellope!” Kutaro exclaimed, and his sister soon jumped into the air, putting her hands up to the fireball…which began to slowly freeze until it was just a giant ice-ball, now.

 “That still doesn’t stop it from crashing on us!” cried Aika.

 Logan then held up his ocarina and blew into…causing a black imp-like creature to appear.

 “Whoa…!” Aika whispered in awe.

 “You summoned me, Master?” Rolo asked.

 “Take care of that, won’t you, Rolo?” asked Logan.

 “With pleasure!” Rolo answered before he morphed into a giant lion with a mane that shined like golden light, and then he roared at the ice-ball…causing it to shatter into snow!

 “Wow~!” Aika and Luffy exclaimed in amazement, the former running around and jumping with glee.

 “That was incredible, guys!” Maka said.

 “Very cool,” Soul grinned. “Literally and figuratively speaking.”

 “Glad you liked that,” Logan said.

 “Thank you!” Kutaro and Vanellope said as they took their bows.

 “So…who’s the starry lion-imp?” Aika asked, pointing at Rolo, who had reverted back to his original form.

 “Oh! That’s Rolo Starswirl,” Logan replied. “He’s a mage that was once the guardian of the Zodiac.”

 “…Huh?” Aika muttered in confusion.

 “I’ll explain later,” Logan replied. “Rolo, this is-”

 “I know, Master,” Rolo said. “This girl is Luffy’s younger sister, yes?”

 “That’s right,” said Logan.

 “So…is this everyone?” Aika asked.

 “Yeah, you’re missing a few people,” Luffy added. “Where’s Crona and Ragnarok? They’re not here.”

 “Oh, right!” Maka said. “Crona wanted to come, but he was too busy helping Professor Stein and Marie at their house.”

 “Well, in that case, let’s go there, instead!” Luffy said.

 “Uh…Luffy?” Soul asked. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”

 “How come?” Luffy asked.


 Later on, everyone had arrived at Dr. Franken Stein’s laboratory…in the middle of the graveyard.

 “Aika?” Luffy asked. “You can let go of my leg now.”

 Aika had a vice grip around Luffy’s leg, a terrified look in her eyes.

 “Scary graveyard…!” she squeaked.

 “See?” Soul asked. “I told you it was a bad idea.”

 “Poor thing’s scared to death,” Katherine said.

 After prying the little Wolf Girl off Luffy’s leg and knocking on the door, the group entered Stein’s laboratory.

 “Hello~!” Maka called. “Professor Stein? Crona? Marie! Anyone home?”

 “We’re in here!” called the voice of Marie Mjolnir.

 Soon, the group arrived in the drawing room, where they found Marie sitting down on the sofa, having a cup of tea. The moment the female Death Scythe saw Luffy, a wide smile formed on her face as she stood up.

 “Luffy!” Marie exclaimed. “Well, isn’t this a nice surprise?”

 “Hi, Marie!” Luffy said. “Good to see you again! Shishishi!”

 “And you, too,” Marie said before she looked down and saw Aika. “Well, now, who’s this?”

 “Marie, this is Aika,” Maka said. “She’s Luffy’s younger sister.”

 “Hi,” Aika greeted, smiling sweetly.

 “Well, hi, Aika!” Marie said, crouching down to the six-year old girl’s height level. “I’m Marie Mjolnir. It’s very nice to meet you.”

 “You, too,” Aika said.

 “By the way, Marie,” Luffy said.

 “Yes, Luffy?” Marie asked as she stood up straight.

 “I don’t know what it is,” Luffy started, “but…you seem different.”

 “Different?” Marie asked, although she had this knowing smile on her face. “How so, Luffy?”

 “I dunno what it is,” Luffy said. “It’s just…you’ve got this…glow about you.”

 “Do I?” Marie asked. “Well, maybe it’s because-”

 KABOOM!! An explosion shook the whole house, causing everyone to gasp in shock. A door opened, causing smoke to come billowing out. Everyone coughed as Shino went up to open the windows in order to let smoke out freely.

 “Dammit!” Shino cursed, fanning away the smoke with his hat. “What just happened in there?!”

 “Another experiment gone awry, Mister Kurohana.”

 Everyone turned to see Dr. Franken Stein and his adopted son, Crona, both of them smudged with soot on their faces and clothes. The former just nonchalantly twisted the screw in his head while the latter had a look of comic shock on his face.

 “Hey, it’s Professor Screw-head!” Luffy exclaimed.

 “Luffy!” Maka cried. “Be respectful!!”

 “Ah…it’s you, Luffy,” Stein said as he kept twisting his screw. “I thought I heard your voice a moment ago.”


 “Ahh, that’s better,” Stein said as he felt his screw click into his skull.

 “Hi, Luffy,” Crona said, dusting the soot off his sleeves. “Good to see you, again.”

 “You, too, Crona!” Luffy said. “Oh! Crona! Screw-head! I want you to meet my sis!”

 On that, Aika soon came and stood beside him.

 “This is my sis, Aika,” Luffy said.

 “H-hi,” Aika said, her confidence suddenly fading when she saw Stein.

 “Aika, eh?” Stein asked.

 “I didn’t know you had a sister, Luffy,” Crona said.

 “He didn’t even know until a few months ago,” said Soul.

 “Hi, Aika,” Crona said, shyly. “I’m Crona.”

 “Hi, Crona,” said Aika. “It’s nice to meet you.”

 “Hey, wait a minute!! You’re forgetting about me, Crona!!!”

 “Huh?” Aika muttered. “W-who said that?”

 “I did, little girl!”

 Suddenly, Crona grunted and twitched as his back started bulging, and not long after, a large, black figure jumped out of his skin and landed before Aika.

 “BEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!” Ragnarok roared, standing on his two new legs.

 “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Aika screamed as she ran and hid behind Luffy, who glared at Ragnarok, the weapon having a toothy grin.

 “Real funny, Ragnarok,” the Straw Hat Captain said, sarcastically as he folded his arms across his chest.

 “Thank you,” Ragnarok said, nonchalantly.

 “It wasn’t funny to poor Aika!” Maka scolded.

 “Yeah, dude!” Jason added. “You scared her half-to-death!”

 “Ah, come on!” Ragnarok said. “Why can’t I have a little fun, once in a while?”

 “Ragnarok, get back in my body, right now!” Crona said.

 “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Ragnarok said as he soon fused with his Meister again…turning into his smaller, cuter form as he did.

 “Oh…he looks…cuter!” Aika said. “Shishishishishi!”

 “Hey!” Ragnarok said with an angry blush on his face. “I am not cute, you little twerp!”

 “Now, now,” Marie said. “Let’s not fight. How about we all sit down and have some tea? Besides, Luffy, we could use this chance to catch up!”

 “Sure!” Luffy said. “Shishishi!”


 Later on, everyone is sitting down to some tea and cookies, and all the while, Luffy regaled the group with stories of his passed adventures, such as his battle in Dressrosa against Donquixote Doflamingo, and when he reunited with his other older brother, Sabo.

 “You have another brother?” asked Kutaro.

 “Yeah,” Luffy said. “Until recently, I thought he was dead since 12 years ago. He just didn’t find me and Ace because he lost his memory during that time.”

 “That’s awful, Luffy,” Maka said, sadly.

 “And you’re not mad at him for forgetting all about you?” Shino asked.

 “I know I would be if he were my brother,” Spike said.

 “Nah, I’m not mad at Sabo,” Luffy replied. “I could never be mad at him. Besides, he had a real bad shock. If I were him, I probably would’ve lost my memory, too.”

 “Makes sense, kinda,” Arya mused.

 “Plus, I have Aika, now, too,” Luffy said. “She just…filled this void in my heart, you know? I’m not saying she’s replacing Ace, it’s just…”

 “We understand, Luffy,” Tsubaki said. “I’m sure having Aika around is a joy to have.”

 “It’s not just a joy,” Luffy said. “Now that I have Aika with me, it’s a big responsibility. I have to be there to protect when she needs me most. Sure…I’ve never really been a big brother, before…but now that I am, I realize that maybe it’s something I’m meant to be.”

 Everyone smiled at this…but then, the warm moment was interrupted by grunting sounds. Everyone turned to see Aika and Ragnarok, having a tug-of-war over a plate of Marie’s fresh-baked cookies.

 “Gimme back my cookies, Ragnarok!” Aika shouted.

 “Who says they’re yours?!” Ragnarok asked. “I saw ‘em first!”

 “They were on my plate!” Aika barked. “Gimme ‘em!!”


 The fighting pair looked up to see Stein…giving them a rather ominous stare through his glasses, his right lens shining with the sunlight while the left eye glowered down at them.

 “Let’s not fight, all right?” asked the professor, a grin on his face. “Otherwise…I might have to dissect you both.”

 “Yes, sir!” Aika and Ragnarok squeaked in fear.

 “Frank,” Marie scolded while Stein twisted the screw in his head again.

 “Ah, sorry,” Stein said. “Damn, I just can’t get this thing in right, can I?”

 “Big Brother?” Aika asked. “Mister Screw-head is creepy.”

 “He is, but he’s not a bad guy,” Luffy smiled as he pet her head gently, causing her to look at him. He grinned and chuckled, causing her to smile back at him before she hugged him tightly. Upon seeing that, everyone felt their hearts melt.

 Aika may’ve been in an entirely different world…but she knew that as long as she had Luffy with her, she’d be all right.

A Little Wolf in Death City- Ch. 2
Aika's first night in Death City turns out to be a real rough one, what with everything being so different to her, and she expresses her desire to go home again. The next day, though, she makes some new friends that might make her stay in Death City a little more enjoyable.


I am SO SORRY I was late with this! Dear god, I'm sorry I made you all weight! A lot of real life stuff happened, and I was under a lot of stress, but I'm okay now.


One Piece © Oda

Monkey D. Aika, Sicily “Spike” Clayborne, Mark and Will Clayborne, Shino Kurohana © Me

Alex Shawshank and the Six Feathers © :iconyellowpikmin88:

So, lately, I've been thinking about writing one of those "prompt" stories for One Piece. The ones where you use a word-theme and try to make it into a little drabble. They'll mostly be centered around the Straw Hats, telling of their bonds and such. Other characters might appear, too.

So far, the only words I can think of is "Sickness", "Siblings", "Chocolate", "Ocean", and "Hearts". Maybe you might have some ideas, too.
  • Mood: Artistic
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So, lately, I've been thinking about writing one of those "prompt" stories for One Piece. The ones where you use a word-theme and try to make it into a little drabble. They'll mostly be centered around the Straw Hats, telling of their bonds and such. Other characters might appear, too.

So far, the only words I can think of is "Sickness", "Siblings", "Chocolate", "Ocean", and "Hearts". Maybe you might have some ideas, too.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Reading: One Piece Chapter 802
  • Watching: Let's Play Pikmin 3 by chuggaaconroy (YES!!)
  • Eating: Digiorno Pepperoni Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

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