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Name: Kaya

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Sweet, affectionate, kind, and gentle. She does get angry when she sees Pokemon being used for all the wrong reasons.

Height: 5'5"

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Light blue

Appearance: long, brown hair, orange vest, green sweater, red shorts and sneakers.

Brief history: After her parents were divorced, Kaya had been staying with her Grandma until she  got herself a Riolu. Now, Kaya is traveling with her and her Pokemon, and after a while, she decided to give the Unova League a chance.


Goldie the Shiny Riolu (Female)- Kaya's first Pokemon. She found her getting chased away by Kenny, her Grandma's Arcanine, from their berry garden. After Kaya helps her defeat a pack of Mightyena, Goldie becomes loyal to her and becomes her partner and best friend.

Nature: Docile

Trait: Good endurance

Attack(s)- Headbutt, Quick Attack, Focus Punch, and Aura Sphere.

Lily the Oshawott (Female)- She used to belong to a different before she was abandoned. She battles Goldie and Kaya several times, and always came out victorious. After Kaya had saved her from going over a waterfall and they had one more battle together, Lily was finally defeated and Kaya claimed her as her second Pokemon.

Nature: Bold

Trait: Proud of her power

Attack(s)- Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Tackle, and Razor Shell.

Burn the Pansear (Male)- Kaya met Burn in the Dreamyard near Striaton City after she lost to Gym Leader, Cilan. He saw how upset Kaya was, so he cheered her up by juggling berries and doing a silly dance. Kaya decides to take Burn in, not only because she loved his personality, but because she could defeat Cilan's Pansage with a Fire-type.

Nature: Quirky

Trait: Somewhat of a clown

Attack(s)- Dig, Flamethrower, Ember, and Fury Swipes.

Darko the Zorua (Male)- Even though he's still a baby, Darko is quite powerful. He was separated from his mother and brother when he was only a few days old and was lost in Castelia City for three weeks, having to use his Illusion ability to survive. Kaya finds him, and Darko immediately warms up to him. After he is saved from Pokemon hunters, Darko joins up with Kaya.

Nature: Naive

Trait: Mischievous

Attack(s)- Night Daze, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, and Scratch.

Crocker the Sandile (Male)- Kaya meets Crocker on Route 4, on her way to Nimbasa City. Crocker bit Goldie's tail while he was hiding in the sand, but it was really out of affection rather than defense. Goldie didn't really take it in good heart, though. However, Kaya decides to challenge Crocker to a battle using Lily, and due to the type advantage, she easily captures him. Crocker tends to give people and Pokemon "love bites", but he doesn't realize that they're painful.

Nature: Gentle

Trait: Highly curious

Attack(s)- Bite, Dig, Sand Attack, and Tackle.

Hop the Deerling (Female)- Hop is a young Deerling that Kaya meets on the way to Mistralton City to challenge the Mistralton Gym. Hop had injured her leg, and because she was miles away from a Pokemon Center, Kaya had to help her heal on her own. During that time, it took a while for Kaya to gain Hop's trust, but eventually, Hop brought herself to do so.

Nature: Timid

Trait: Tends to flee

Attack(s)- Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Energy Ball, and Aromatherapy.
Kaya's Bio.



Pokemon Nintendo, Game Freak

Kaya Me


Edit: Added the nature and traits to Kaya's Pokemon.
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SnowKuki Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah man, it's great that she isn't 10 years old. XD Her Pokemon seem pretty cool, too. I think it might help if you also add their Natures or Personality Traits to flesh them out a little bit more.
XfangheartX Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012
Good idea.
kyuubifan55 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
XfangheartX Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
dragonslayer32294 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Cool, both her and Chris have Sandile.
XfangheartX Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
dragonslayer32294 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Got to do a Sandile vs Sandile battle!
XfangheartX Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Yeah, although I don't think we'll get much of a result...unless Chris's Sandile is stronger, then that's a different story.
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