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My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 13 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 14
Mature content
OP: The Rivet Island Arc- Ch. 1 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 8 22
Waiting for the Turkey by XfangheartX Waiting for the Turkey :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 19 96
Mature content
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 12 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 24
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 11
Ch. 11- Warfang's Trap, Part 2
 BANG! BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! Swiftclaw continued to ram his body against the metal bars, which were beginning to give way. He panted heavily and his right temple bled, but he didn't give up. He just backed away as far as he could, and then ran at full speed until BAM!! CLANG!!! The bars finally broke away and Swiftclaw tumbled to the floor. He gasped, realizing he was free before he jumped to his feet and ran off with only one thing in mind.
 'I'm coming, Fluttershy...!' he thought.
 "OH, FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE!!!" Rarity shrieked as she ran through an empty corridor with Rainbow Dash at her side. The cyan-colored Pegasus glanced back at the wolves that were chasing them before she flew on ahead of Rarity.
 "Keep running!" she told the ivory unicorn, who nodded before she ran as fast as she could. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash stopped in front of a stone column, which she then kicked with all her might, and that w
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 11
PMD: Strong Hearts- Book 4, Page 11 by XfangheartX PMD: Strong Hearts- Book 4, Page 11 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 17 23 Princess Luna Beanie Baby by XfangheartX Princess Luna Beanie Baby :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 7 12
Mature content
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 10 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 9
Mature content
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 9 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 18
Ready for Adventure! by XfangheartX Ready for Adventure! :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 17 31
Mature content
OP: The Whole Cake Island Arc- Ch. 11 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 6 21
PMD: Strong Hearts- Book 4, Page 10 by XfangheartX PMD: Strong Hearts- Book 4, Page 10 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 18 53
Mature content
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 8 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 5 9
Luna and Moonlight by XfangheartX Luna and Moonlight :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 13 21
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 7
Ch. 7- Ponies and Wolves Can Be Friends
 It was almost sunset in Ponyville. The citizens were fixing the damage that had been done during the attack, while those had been injured were sent to the hospital. At the Castle of Friendship, Twilight and the others were sitting around the Cutie Map, among them being Shining Armor, who had a patch over his eye where Stormhowl scratched him, and bandages on his flank, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who sat with their respective sisters/sisterly figures.
 "So, what should we do with our prisoner?" asked Rainbow Dash.
 "He won't tell us why these wolves are here," said Starlight.
 "Or what they want," Applejack added.
 "And most of all," Twilight began, "I'm worried about Moonlight. She won't come out of the bedroom, no matter what I do. She's gone back to being traumatized all over again."
 Inside Twilight's bed chamber, Moonlight was hiding under the blankets, sniffl
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 7 20
Mature content
OP: The Fire Within- Ch. 19, Pt. 2 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 7 22


Saluki by MonaHyena Saluki :iconmonahyena:MonaHyena 24 2 833 by mandaIa 833 :iconmandaia:mandaIa 69 2
OP: Blackwater Adventure! Ch. 1
Chapter 1: Same Mistake Twice
“Whoa…This is so cool!” Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates, exclaimed joyfully as he gazed down at the enormous map that occupied the desk right in front of him.
What exactly was so fascinating about this map in particular, one might ask? Well, just barely a minute ago, Nami had come out of the library with a rather ecstatic look upon her face, and proudly announced to the crew that she had finally completed the first half of her map of the whole world, she was halfway done with accomplishing her dream of drawing her map.
Feeling the overwhelming emotion of rapture for Nami as well as the intense feeling of pride in one of his nakama’s accomplishments, Luffy almost immediately begged and pleaded with Nami to let him see it. Still smiling widely, Nami agreed to his request, and Luffy didn’t hesitate to rush into the library as quickly as he could, just managing to register Nami
:iconscissorsoulotaku235:ScissorSoulOtaku235 3 6
832 by mandaIa 832 :iconmandaia:mandaIa 208 8 Light of Luna by Noctilucent-Arts Light of Luna :iconnoctilucent-arts:Noctilucent-Arts 580 14 Celestial Light by Noctilucent-Arts Celestial Light :iconnoctilucent-arts:Noctilucent-Arts 1,907 56 Historian by Noctilucent-Arts Historian :iconnoctilucent-arts:Noctilucent-Arts 803 11 Sunset Shimmer by Crecious Sunset Shimmer :iconcrecious:Crecious 145 7 Awake by t1na Awake :icont1na:t1na 5,001 128 Alone by t1na Alone :icont1na:t1na 2,844 60
Sonic Forces: A Rookie's Retelling (Prologue)
    What made me join the Resistance?  Well, we all know what happened on that day a little over half a year ago.  We all thought it would be business as usual.  Dr. Eggman comes up with an evil plot, and Sonic and his friends would restore peace in about a week or less.  It’s how it goes.  It’s how it always goes.  It’s…how it should have gone.  But Eggman had something else with him; an ally like no other.  And with that ally, four others he had worked with before.  Sonic could take one of them, maybe two at the same time…but five?  He was hopelessly outmatched by their combined strength, and he fell in battle.
    With his greatest enemy finally brought down before his eyes, Eggman captured him, left the city in a burning wreck and moved onto other parts of the world to continue his conquest.  With his new allies, he couldn’t be stopped.  For the ne
:iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 10 16
Commission: G4 Catrina v1 by Sakuyamon Commission: G4 Catrina v1 :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 102 9 Wishful Crown by WishfulVixen Wishful Crown :iconwishfulvixen:WishfulVixen 157 9 Brook by ZhangDing Brook :iconzhangding:ZhangDing 642 27 Monkey D Luffy - Gear Second by dutomaster Monkey D Luffy - Gear Second :icondutomaster:dutomaster 1,112 35 Mrs. Brisby had a rest by AlienNocsastarino Mrs. Brisby had a rest :iconaliennocsastarino:AlienNocsastarino 67 5


Escape from the Navy by Adun175 Escape from the Navy :iconadun175:Adun175 11 2
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 13
Scene 13
    Far from the peaceful setting of the village, there was a town of noise and partying. This city was lousy with pirates as they drank, clashed, and laughed merrily without a care. This was the sight that Robin, Franky, and Brook were greeted to. Not immediately, much of the town furthest away from the large old Japanese styled fortress was empty. As they moved further in, however, they soon saw more and more pirates behaving recklessly and having their fun. They simply chose to ignore it as much as possible; yet, they were curious as to why they were in fine clothing like tuxedos.
Regardless, they traveled to the big building where it seemed all these pirates were congregating at. Surprisingly, they were welcomed inside and were met with the dull lighting of a bar scene. It was more orderly here despite the atmosphere of smoke. As they looked around, they also noticed a number of employees working in this establishment. All of th
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 2 4
Stay with me by Adun175 Stay with me :iconadun175:Adun175 15 5 Little Princess by Adun175 Little Princess :iconadun175:Adun175 20 7 Trick or Me(at)? by MikiTenshi Trick or Me(at)? :iconmikitenshi:MikiTenshi 202 27
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 12
Scene 12
This Side of Paradise
    Back now with the Monkey D. Family and company, they had already traveled some distance away from where the Thousand Sunny stood at the base of the volcano. They had no idea of where they were going, but they weren't worried. They would figure something out along the way. Fortunately, even strangely, the number of encounters with the beasts of Merveille had drastically cut done to none making traveling a breeze.
At this moment, we find Luffy, Akio, and Ace riding on Bite-Bark through the jungle. Their path forged by the large body of the two-headed canine. While the dog beast mowed down foliage, the men and boy on his back searched through the trees for anyone or thing. For the moment, unfortunately, all they could see was trees. Ace and Akio still looked out, just in case they could find something. Strangely, Luffy was looking surprisingly grumpy while sitting in the back. While he sat there, wearing an expressively grump
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 6 4
LuffyxNami Love by NadiaWaterDragon LuffyxNami Love :iconnadiawaterdragon:NadiaWaterDragon 26 20 Great Team by ARx2 Great Team :iconarx2:ARx2 13 4
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 11
Scene 11
Truth of the Matter
“No way,” Ace said in disbelief. “You gotta be kidding me.”

“No, I’m serious,” Luffy replied back.

Ace then became angry.“I can’t believe he…” He couldn’t say another word before he punched the ground to let out his frustration.

    The two men were currently sitting around a fire while cooking the meat from one of the Black Brothers.  Not only them but the kids and animals sat around the fire as well. Akio ate the scorpion meat quite willingly while Mika looked at her food with disgust. He tried to persuade his friend to try the meat, but Mika remained stubbornly against eating it. She had then taken off to hang with her mother and not eat the gross food. There also with them as well was Bite-Bark and the yellow bird, both eating the scorpion meat. They both seem to
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 4 9
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 10
Scene 10
Family Reunion
    We return back to Shiki’s palace, and more specifically the pool room. Inside was still Nami, the weird electric bird creature, and the Booted Mynx. The Booted Mynx now recovered from its injuries from its earlier attack. At this point though, they were not the only ones here. There was also a Self-propelled Video Transponder Snail with them, but it was preoccupied with a meal of leaves picked from one of the trees in the room. As for Nami and the animals, they had sat out of sight of the snail and had been planning.
“Are you guys ready?” Nami asked, greatly determined to succeed.
Both the bird and the cat nodded. They too were determined to escape.
Nami nodded back to them. She soon stood up and walked over to the lounge chair nearby. On it was a backpack which she quickly grabbed. Before moving again, she looked over at the snail to check on it. Seeing that it was still eating, Nami hand gestured to the animal
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 3 6
The Mirror Shard by LuNaOTP The Mirror Shard :iconlunaotp:LuNaOTP 27 18 Despair by Konohakitten Despair :iconkonohakitten:Konohakitten 56 28
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 6
Scene 6
Evolution Revolutionized
“Captain Shiki!”
    From one week ago, we return to the present. As previously, Nami was still trapped in the palace belonging to Shiki. Just as before, she was in the swimming pool room, and still there with her was Shiki and Scarlet. Of course, there was also the Booted Mynx secretly hiding in the tree in the room. All there attention was soon brought toward Doctor Indigo as he jollily walked in carrying something large and covered with a cloth. Once the man set the object down, he proclaimed out to his leader.
“Another new species has evolved!” Indigo then removed the cover. “Behold!”
From under the drape, it revealed the object to be a large cage. It was what lied inside that held the most interest though for Indigo as well as Shiki. It was a yellow bird that looked to be a mix of many other birds. The animal had the beak of a duck with the crown of a rooster and a long, feather
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 4 4
Luna 1 by gerardosteel Luna 1 :icongerardosteel:gerardosteel 27 19 LuNa - Passing by Faith by LuNaOTP LuNa - Passing by Faith :iconlunaotp:LuNaOTP 38 29
One Piece: SHF Film - STRONG(ER) WORLD Scene 5
Scene 5
My Gift
    When the Straw Hats had finally made it out of the storm, they instantly felt a sense of relief that they had survived. Then, they noticed that the island-ship they had seen earlier was still nearby and completely stopped. While they questioned how and why they soon also noticed something flying towards them from the ship. As it got closer, the whole crew gasped with shock. Not a floating shell, or even more likely a cannonball, but a man was floating down towards them. A man with sword legs and a part of ship’s helm lodged in his skull. No one had seen anything like it.
This went especially for the kids. As Nami had ordered, they had taken shelter earlier from the storm. They were currently hiding out in Luffy and Nami’s shared room, formerly the girls’ bedroom. When the Thousand Sunny had finally stopped moving, both kids went to look out the two windows - one each - to see if it were okay to leave. But, before any of
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 7 10

One Piece

OP: Blackwater Adventure! Ch. 1
Chapter 1: Same Mistake Twice
“Whoa…This is so cool!” Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates, exclaimed joyfully as he gazed down at the enormous map that occupied the desk right in front of him.
What exactly was so fascinating about this map in particular, one might ask? Well, just barely a minute ago, Nami had come out of the library with a rather ecstatic look upon her face, and proudly announced to the crew that she had finally completed the first half of her map of the whole world, she was halfway done with accomplishing her dream of drawing her map.
Feeling the overwhelming emotion of rapture for Nami as well as the intense feeling of pride in one of his nakama’s accomplishments, Luffy almost immediately begged and pleaded with Nami to let him see it. Still smiling widely, Nami agreed to his request, and Luffy didn’t hesitate to rush into the library as quickly as he could, just managing to register Nami
:iconscissorsoulotaku235:ScissorSoulOtaku235 3 6
Brook by ZhangDing Brook :iconzhangding:ZhangDing 642 27 Monkey D Luffy - Gear Second by dutomaster Monkey D Luffy - Gear Second :icondutomaster:dutomaster 1,112 35
Mature content
One Piece: Dark Colors of the Soul - Chapter 5 :iconkagashira:Kagashira 3 14
OP: Mansherry and Ydel by Icemonkey29 OP: Mansherry and Ydel :iconicemonkey29:Icemonkey29 15 13 A picture to remember by Adun175 A picture to remember :iconadun175:Adun175 9 3
One Piece PETs: In the Womb (Hanako's POV) Ch. 12
One Piece PETs: In the Womb (Hanako's POV)
Chapter Twelve: Third Trimester, Part Two

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. Ze Great Eiichiro owns this terrific series.)
***Month 8***
    Here I am, again! Still growing up the way I should. Although, for some reason, Mom's been feeling really depressed. I wonder why. Hope she feels better.
"Robin? Everything okay?"
(A/N: Chopper.)
"...Not really."
(A/N: Robin.)
"What's the matter?"
(A/N: Chopper.)
(A/N: Robin.)
(A/N: Chopper.)
"...I...I don't know if I can go through with this..."
(A/N: Robin.)
(A/N: Chopper.)
Uh-oh. Something must be wrong.
"Robin, what're you saying...?!"
(A/N: Chopper.)
"...I think I might want an abortion...!"
(A/N: Robin.)
"B-but Robin, it's too late, now! Think about what your saying!"
(A/N: Chopper.)
What's an abortion? It sounds bad. Mom? Mom, hello? Please say something.
"...I...I was only considering it...!"
(A/N: Robin.)
*Robin st
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 5 8
Straw Hats watch Death Battle Final Update
So, this will be the final update for Straw Hats watch Death Battle since I think I have an idea what it's going to be and a pretty good grasp on the setting.
Here are the details that will be in the story.
1. The setting takes place after the Whole Cake Island Arc.  
2. Jinbe is part of the Straw Hats, as the helmsman and has a bounty of 430,000,000 Berries. 
3. Carrot is still sailing with the Straw Hats to accompany them to Wano Country.
4. Law, his crew, Kin'emon, and Kanjuro are on an island that is close to Wano Country waiting for the Straw Hats to come.
5. The Death Battle DVDs that the Straw Hats get are from a different Timeline, not ours.
6. And finally, someone will watch the Death Battle episodes with them and he is an OC where he'll tell them answers about our world or other franchises.
And that's it. That's all I can say about this final update on the story. I know the story has been long overdue for a year now since I announc
:iconcodythebear326:codythebear326 1 20
Chopper Treasure Box by the-ocean-sings Chopper Treasure Box :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 6 25 Not a vinsmoke by XxGreenNinjaChickxX Not a vinsmoke :iconxxgreenninjachickxx:XxGreenNinjaChickxX 22 9
One Piece PETs: In the Womb (Hanako's POV) Ch. 11
One Piece PETs: In the Womb (Hanako's POV)
Chapter Eleven: Third Trimester, Part One

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own One Piece. Ze Great Eiichiro Oda is the one true owner of this amazing series.)
***Month 7***
Still in here, growing as I should. Good news, though! I'm a bit bigger now, and my hands and feet are looking less like little stubs!
    Oh, and get this! I'm gonna be a boy! How cool is that?! I mean, I don't know how Uncle Chopper knew, but I'm glad he found out! Mom and Dad sound happy, too.
(A/N: Zoro.)
*Robin chuckles*
See what I mean? They're not the only ones.
"You're having a boy? Sweet!"
(A/N: Luffy.)
"Congrats, you guys!"
(A/N: Usopp.)
*Blizzard barks*
"Way to go!!"
(A/N: Franky.)
"I'm so happy for you!"
(A/N: Nami.)
"Yohohoho! What a fortuitous day!"
(A/N: Brook.)
"Congrats, Robin, Moss Head."
(A/N: Sanji.)
(A/N: Nami.)
"What?! I'm being nice, for once!"
(A/N: Sanji.)
"It's okay, Nami. Not even
:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:moonlitinuyasha1985 4 12
Remedy by Starscreamsweetie95 Remedy :iconstarscreamsweetie95:Starscreamsweetie95 174 90 OP: Some Changes For Ydel by Icemonkey29 OP: Some Changes For Ydel :iconicemonkey29:Icemonkey29 13 31 OnePiecectober, day 30: Shanks by SergiART OnePiecectober, day 30: Shanks :iconsergiart:SergiART 45 3 OnePiecectober, day 29: Carrot by SergiART OnePiecectober, day 29: Carrot :iconsergiart:SergiART 51 4 The Price of Politeness 2: Un-BELLY-able by the-ocean-sings The Price of Politeness 2: Un-BELLY-able :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 11 144



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Ch. 13- Celestia, Luna, and Silverwind

 Shining Armor lie sleeping in his bed, bandages wrapped around several parts of his body. However, his sleep was interrupted when he felt a shadow cast over his face, which prompted him to open his eye and see that it was Cadence, who smiled down at him with loving eyes while holding Flurry in her foreleg.

 "Hey," Cadence whispered while Shining Armor chuckled.

 "Hey," he greeted. "You, caught me on an off-day."

 "We all get them, now and then," Cadence replied as she and her beloved husband shared a kiss. Flurry, on the other hoof, cooed and giggled as she reached out to her father, who chuckled as he gently took her into his embrace.

 "Hi, Flurry," he said as he kissed his daughter's cheek. "It's good to see you, too, sweetie."

 "Dada!" Flurry babbled, causing her parents to chuckle as they nuzzled her, affectionately.


 Inside the throne room, Celestia sat before Twilight and the gang, as well as Moonlight and Swiftclaw.

 "I'm sure you're well aware," Celestia began, "that the reason why Warfang has appeared around Ponyville is because of this." She gestured to Moonlight's necklace.

 "Warfang told us it was something called the Stone of Wishes," said Twilight, "but...what is it, Princess Celestia?"

 "And why does Warfang want it so badly?" asked Applejack.

 "...To know that," Celestia began as her horn began to flash a white aura, "then you'll have to know Warfang's origins...back when he went by another name, entirely."

 On that, the aura from her horn began to swirl around the room before landing on the crystal table...and soon after, an image began to appear: it was of Celestia herself, back when her mane and tail were a light pink instead of the iridescent rainbow color it is, today.

 "Ooh, magic movie time!" Pinkie exclaimed as she brought out a bowl of popcorn, which she began to munch on.

 "...You gonna share those?" asked Spike.

 Celestia in the image smiled as she raised the sun to the sky as she does, every day. She then turned and headed inside the Castle of the Two Sisters, back when it was in its lustrous glory. As she entered the throne room, she spotted Luna, back when she was slightly smaller than her sister, and her mane and tail were not made of moondust and stars, using her horn to make a tower of wooden blocks. Despite this, she sighed sadly while Celestia approached her sister in concern.

"A thousand years ago," Celestia said, "before I banished my sister to the moon, we once lived in the Castle of the Two Sisters. However...we were not the only ones there."


 As Celestia went to check on her sister, she spotted someone else approach, as well: a gray wolf with golden yellow eyes, who looked up at her before he smiled and put his paw to his mouth, causing Celestia to smile back and nodded. Then, he approached Luna from behind before tapping her shoulder, causing her to look back...only to find no one there. She then shrugged and looked back at her block tower, only to find several blocks missing.

 "Hey!" she exclaimed before two paws covered her eyes, causing her to gasp.

 "Guess who~!" a voice called, which caused Luna to beam brightly before she turned and saw the wolf, who chuckled at her.

 "Silvy!" Luna exclaimed as she jumped into his paws.

 "Hey, Luna!" the wolf said as he playfully tossed her into the air and caught her. "Whoa, you're getting heavy, there!"

 "I know!" Luna answered. "I'm 700-and-a-half!"

 "Hehehe!" the wolf chuckled. "You sure are, kiddo!"

 "It's good of you to come by, Silverwind," Celestia said. "Luna was getting a little lonely."

 "I'm always happy to visit my two favorite princesses in Equestria," the wolf, Silverwind, answered.

 "Back in those days...Warfang was known as Silverwind. He, Luna, and I were good friends."

 "You were friends with a wolf?!"

 "Yes, Twilight. Friendships tend to transcend among different species."

 "Silvy, let's go play hide-and-seek!" Luna exclaimed. "You and Tia are it!"

 "No surprise there," Silverwind said before he covered his eyes. "1...2...3...4..."

 On that, Luna ran off to hide while Silverwind kept counting, while Celestia chuckled and began to count, as well. After counting to 30, they soon went to look for Luna.

 "We met sometime after Luna and I defeated Discord. He had been injured by some ponies who beat him for simply walking into their sight. It couldn't be helped...wolves were known to eat ponies. It was in their nature...and yet, Luna and I saw passed that. Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it, Fluttershy and Swiftclaw?"

 "Yes, it does. I wasn't afraid of Swiftclaw because I thought he could use some kindness."

 Silverwind sniffed the floor as he and Celestia continued their search for Luna. Before long, the wolf stopped in front of a tapestry, and he could see a light blue tail sticking out from behind it, followed by a soft giggle. He smiled before he pulled the tapestry back, causing Luna to squeal before she went up and hugged him, which made him laugh in turn. Even Celestia laughed heartily as she went to join in the hug. However, they were blissfully unaware that a few pony guards were watching them, and needless to say, they did not look very pleased, at all.

 "Look at that," whispered one of them. "It's disgusting."

 "A pony and wolf, friends?" asked another. "Blasphemy!"

 "My grandmother was devoured by those monsters," whispered a third. "Why the princesses have befriended one is beyond me."

 "Those were such happy times. We were all so close together...but not everypony accepted our friendship."

 Celestia had just put Luna to bed for the day after she had just finished lowering the moon and was walking down the hallway when she noticed Silverwind nearby, only, for some reason, he had this distant look in his eyes, something that Celestia noticed quite quickly.

 "Silverwind?" she asked as she approached him.

 "Oh," Silverwind answered. "Hello, Celestia."

 "Is everything all right?" asked Celestia.

 "...No," Silverwind admitted. "Everything is not all right." He then screwed his eyes shut. "I...I heard some ponies talking about us."

 "Us?" asked Celestia.

 "They say that I'm using you as a means of protection," said Silverwind. "They say that I don't really think of you as a friend at all, and that you and Luna secretly hate me...I know it's not true, but...but I-"

 "I understand, Silverwind," said Celestia. "They just don't know you like Luna and I do."

 "But...we're so different, you and I," Silverwind said. "I can't live off pancakes, cupcakes, pies, flowers, and oats. My kind relies on hunting your kind to survive...and let's face it. We'll never be seen as equals as long as the laws of nature are in effect."

 Celestia furrowed her brow in concern while Silverwind sighed.

 "I felt my heart go out to him...I felt that somehow, someway, I had to make it up to him...and back then, I did the only thing I could think of..."

 "Silverwind?" Celestia asked, causing the wolf to glance up at her. "Come with me."

 Though confused, Silverwind soon stood up and followed after his alicorn friend, who led him into the castle library.

 "The library?" asked Silverwind. "I don't understand it. Why would you bring me here?"

 "Because, Silverwind," Celestia began, "I am going to teach you how to use magic."

 Silverwind gaped at this revelation.

 "M...magic?! Me?!!" he asked. "But Celestia, that's impossible! I'm not a unicorn! I'm not even a pony!!"

 "Pony, unicorn, wolf," Celestia listed, "it makes no difference. Magic is inside all of us, Silverwind. We just have to find ways to unlock it."

 She then used her magic to lift a book out of a bookshelf and gave it to Silverwind, who took the book in his paws.

 "Basic Magic and Spells, Volume 1 by Star Swirl the Bearded?" he read, inquisitively.

 "I suggest you start reading," Celestia said. "Don't worry, I'll help you every step of the way."

 Silverwind smiled before he opened up the book and started reading while Celestia sat by his side.

 "Time passed, and although it took some doing, in a matter of just 4 months, Silverwind had already gotten a hang of the basic spells, such as transfiguration..."

 Inside the library, Silverwind sat before several objects: a rock, an apple, and an old horseshoe, respectively, while Celestia and Luna stood nearby.

 "Are you ready?" asked Celestia.

 "Mm," Silverwind nodded before he held up his paw, which glowed a white aura as he held it up to the rock, and after a few seconds of waiting...POOF!! The rock transformed into a ruby!

 "Yes!" the wolf cheered while Celestia laughed and Luna clapped her hooves in delight. Then, Silverwind held up his paw to the apple, which then transformed into a carrot, and after, he turned the old horseshoe into a top hat!

 "Splendid!" Celestia exclaimed. "Absolutely marvelous, Silverwind!"

 "Hooray for Silvy!" Luna cheered.

 Silverwind smiled, feeling his confidence grow.


 Celestia, Luna, and Silverwind stood in the castle courtyard.

 "Ready?" Celestia asked.

 "Let's do it!" Silverwind answered before Celestia and Luna closed their eyes, and as quick as a flash, they both vanished, and soon after, Silverwind followed suit, and they all ended up in the castle balcony. They all beamed at each other before they did it again, this time ending up inside the dining hall, and then again as they appeared above the castle roof...that is, until Silverwind remembered he couldn't fly. He yelped in surprise, just before he was about to plummet, but thankfully, Celestia caught him, just in time.

"And finally, shield magic."

 The trio were out in the courtyard, once again, with Celestia facing Silverwind while Luna stood by and watched. Celestia's horn glowed a hot white aura, preparing to fire a beam. Once she shot it, Silverwind held up his paws, which caused a silvery-white barrier to appear him, which deflected the beam, which ended up hitting a training dummy...which ended up getting set on fire. Luckily, Luna was there with a bucket of water to douse it out.

 "Wow!" Silverwind exclaimed as he looked up at Celestia. "Did you see that, Celestia?!"

 "You are making excellent progress, Silverwind!" Celestia praised. "I'm very impressed!"

 "Well...I did have a pretty amazing teacher," Silverwind complimented.

 "Hey, what about me?" Luna asked. "I helped, too!"

 "Hehehe!" Silverwind chuckled as he ruffled Luna's mane, causing her to giggle. "Don't worry, Luna, I haven't forgotten you."

 "I know," Luna smiled. "I was just testing you."

 On that, the three friends laughed.

 "Things went well...but then...gradually, I began to notice a change."

 Autumn was upon Equestria before anypony knew it. The leaves on the trees were beginning to fall off their branches and the birds were beginning to fly south for the Winter. Celestia went into the library, where she found Silverwind, pouring over a bunch of books...some of which were actually floating in the air as he read them.

 "Wow...and I thought you were a bookworm, Twilight."

 "Spike! Shh!"

 Celestia approached the wolf from behind, but he didn't seem to notice her as he opened up another book with a look of deep concentration.

 "Umm...Silverwind?" asked Celestia.

 "Huh?" Silverwind muttered as he glanced back. "Oh. Hi, Celestia."

 "Luna and I were thinking about going for a bit of a stroll," Celestia said. "You've been in here for a couple of days, about you come with us? The fresh air will do you some good."

 "Uh...n-no thanks," Silverwind answered as he looked at another book. "I'm reading about advanced transfiguration and geomancy."

 "...Oh," Celestia said. "Well, all right then...see you later, I suppose."

 "Yeah, sure..." Silverwind muttered while the Princess of the Sun walked out, and Luna soon joined her side.

 "What'd he say?" Luna asked.

 "He's not coming," answered Celestia.

 "...Oh," Luna said with a pout.

 "Oh, Luna, it's okay," Celestia said. "I'm sure he'll come around...eventually."

 "But all he's done nowadays is sit in the library and read all those yucky books," Luna said.

 "Let's just leave him alone, for now," Celestia said as she and Luna walked out.

 "I should have suspected something might have been wrong...but I didn't listen to my instincts. I wanted to continue believing that everything was fine...but I was so wrong."

 Night had fallen on Equestria, once more. Celestia had just returned to the castle after she had a diplomatic meeting with the ponies of Trottingham. However, all was not well, for when she entered her sister's room to say goodnight to her...she found her lying in her bed, crying her eyes out.

 "Luna?!" Celestia questioned as she ran to her sister's side. "Luna, what's wrong?! Are you all right?!!"

 "No...!" Luna sniffled. "Silvy doesn't like me, anymore!"

 "What do you mean?!" Celestia asked. "What did he say to you?!!"

 "I was just trying to get him to leave the library," Luna answered, "but...but when I did, he yelled at me! He said I was a stupid little pony and that I should leave him alone!"

 Celestia furrowed her brow in anger before she turned to leave the room.

 "Luna, wait here," she said. "I'll be right back."

 Once Celestia arrived at the library, she gasped at what she was seeing: Silverwind, sitting at a desk with stacks and stacks of books around him, some of them even floating in the air above his head. There were empty bottles littered around the floor, and Celestia could smell the scent of alcohol. She could hear the wolf murmuring under his breath, as well.

 "Silverwind!!" Celestia shouted. "What is the meaning of this?! I leave for most of the day, and when I come back, I find my sister in tears because you yelled at her for no reason?!!"

 "She was disrupting my work," replied Silverwind, his voice sounding a bit slurred.

 "She only wanted you to come out and play with her!" Celestia argued. "Like you used to, remember?!"

 "I don't have time for childish games," Silverwind answered.

 "What is all this?" Celestia asked as she looked around. "I don't remember these books being here!" She then noticed one of the open books on the floor before she took a look at the pages...only to gasp in horror. "Silverwind...what are you doing, reading about destructable spells?!"

 "...Transfiguration, transportation, shields...they only go so far, Celestia," said Silverwind. "I want more...more magic...more POWER..." He then made a toothy grin as he turned to Celestia, who backed away, slightly unnerved. "Don't you think, Celestia?"

 "What's wrong with you?" Celestia asked.

 "What's wrong with me?" asked Silverwind. "Funny...I could ask the same thing."

 "What do you mean?"

 "Everypony in Equestia just LOVES you, don't they? And yet, nopony loves a wolf...a wolf who is actually FRIENDS with that pony. I kept questioning why this was so...but then I remembered: ponies don't just hate wolves...they FEAR us. Why? Because they know who's really superior. Before you and that sister of yours showed up, the wolves hunted the ponies as a means for food...but then, you come and what do you do? You throw the natural order off the rails!"

 "I thought you hated the natural order!"

 "I did, at first...but then I realized how blind I was. You're no're just an inferior pony with an overinflated ego and made other ponies think they have the run of the place! Well, no more, Celestia...I think it's time Equestria got a new ruler...and that is ME."

 Celestia gasped in horror.

 "You're mad...!" she whispered. "Equestria was meant to be ruled with balance! Without balance, everything goes into disarray!"

 "Balance, my tail," Silverwind hissed before he pushed passed Celestia. "I'll show you all who's really in charge, here!"

 Celestia watched with concern as she watched her lupine friend walk out of the library.

 "At first, I just thought he was speaking out of intoxication...I thought that maybe it was all just some sick joke...that he never really thought of us ponies, that way...but again, I was proven wrong."

 The following day, Celestia was in the throne room with Luna again...the latter looking very solemn. The older sister put her wing on the younger's shoulder, causing her to glance up at her. Celestia then gave Luna a reassuring smile, which Luna returned...albeit briefly before she frowned again.

 "Oh, Luna," Celestia said. "I know Silverwind's been a little...different, lately, but he'll be back and we'll be friends again, just like before...okay?"

 "...I guess, Tia," Luna said.


 The two sisters turned to see a royal Pegasus guard run up to them, a look of horror on his face.

 "Captain Tailwind?" asked Celestia. "What's wrong?"

 "...You need come to see this, immediately," said Captain Tailwind, grimly before he ran off, with Celestia and Luna glancing at each other worriedly before they followed him to the castle entrance. There...they gasped in horror upon seeing the carcass of a light blue earth pony mare, her stomach ripped open my sharp fangs, a large gash in her neck, and her body covered in blood.

 "...No...!" Celestia whispered.

 "W-what happened?!" Luna asked. "Who did this to her?!"

 "...Your so-called wolf friend," Captain Tailwind hissed with tears forming in his eyes. "He wasn't alone, either...several other wolves were with him."

 "...You know this pony...don't you, Captain Tailwind?" asked Celestia.

 "...My...fiancé," whispered the disheartened Pegasus. "We were going to get married, next year...start a family...!" He then choked back a sob.

 "...Enough is enough," Celestia whispered. "It's bad enough he verbally attacks my sister...but when he attacks innocent ponies, I cannot allow this violence to continue!" She then glanced down at Captain Tailwind. "Captain, prepare the troops! It seems that we're going to war."

 "Huh...?" Luna muttered while Captain Tailwind wiped away his tears and saluted Celestia.

 "Yes, Your Highness!" he exclaimed.

 "It was my fault...I unintentionally caused Silverwind's descent into darkness...and it would only get worse from there."

 Everything was ablaze. All around...there were the sounds of yelling and screaming as ponies and wolves clashed. The wolves growled as they lunged at their enemies, who tried their damnedest to fight back...but others were not as lucky. Somewhere in the carnage, a little lost earth pony filly was crying as she sat near the body of her dead father, who was unfortunate enough to be eaten by the wolves while she watched from her hiding place.

 Not too far away, Captain Tailwind panted as he stood in front of one of his injured guards...although he looked much worse. His right wing was mangled beyond repair, his body was covered in bite marks, and his right eye was missing. Before him, five wolves stood and growled viciously, but Captain Tailwind just glared right back at them.

 "Come on, you mangy fleabags!!" Captain Tailwind barked. "Is that all you got?! Huh?!! Why don't you come closer?!! Too scared to face me?!! ARE YOU?!!?! COME ON, YOU DAMN SAVAGES!!!! COME AND GET ME!!!!"

 The wolves growled before they lunged at Captain Tailwind...and soon after, an agonized scream filled the air, followed by the sound of fangs, tearing into flesh.

 "It was a disaster...the fighting...the was worse than anything I had ever witnessed."


 "Well, Rarity...Luna and I had to face him...alone."

 Deep in the Castle of the Two Sisters...the guards were all lying on the ground, either dead or barely alive...and up ahead was Silverwind, who was wearing the kind of armor he wears today, but the helmet just had one spike instead of five. The wolf pushed open the door as he stared up at the Elements of Harmony, back in their original forms. He smirked as he approached them and reached his paw up to them...


 Silverwind turned to see Celestia and Luna, both of them wearing armor of their own. Celestia's armor was golden and bright like the sun, while Luna's armor was dark blue with silver shoulder plates.

 "Step away from the Elements," Celestia warned.

 "And what are you going to do if I don't?" asked Silverwind.

 "The Elements are not meant to be used out of anger, Silverwind!" Celestia said. "Last warning! Walk!"

 "Never," Silverwind glared.

 "...Then we have no choice," Celestia said before she glanced down at Luna, who glanced up at her before she nodded her head. Then, the two sisters' horns glowed before they both fired their beams at Silverwind, who erected a barrier using his horned helmet. Then, he glared at the two sisters before he fired a beam of his own at them.

 "LOOK OUT!!" Celestia cried as she pushed Luna out of the way, then dodged the attack herself. Then she flew up into the air and fired another beam at Silverwind, who countered by firing a beam as well. Their magic clashed, and the resulting collision caused a powerful explosion. As the smoke began to clear, Luna lunged for Silverwind, who growled as he lunged right back at her with his claws outstretched and blades of dark red energy appearing around him. Luna gasped as she tried to counter with her horn, but one blade ended up slicing off one of her shoulder plates and another grazed her left flank. Then, Silverwind tackled her and pinned her to the wall, his jaws gnashing as he tried to bite at her throat. However, Celestia soon stopped him by tackling him next.

 "AGH!!" he cried before he growled at Celestia and clamped his jaws on her right front leg, causing her to scream in pain before Silverwind threw her against the floor. She tried to get up, only for the wolf to pin her down, his paws squeezing against her neck, causing her to gag.

 "You...bastard...!!" Celestia hissed.

 "This is the end, Celestia," Silverwind said. "Say goodbye."

 "GET OFF OF MY SISTER!!!" Luna shouted as she slammed her back hooves into Silverwind's face. Celestia gasped as she stood up, panting heavily before she faced the wolf, who growled before he got up and lunged for the two sisters, once more, his magic blades clashing with their horns.

 "It was a fierce battle. Both Luna and I suffered great did Silverwind...but before too long, we sisters emerged, victorious."

 "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH!!!" Celestia and Luna, both covered in scratches, bite marks, and nearly stripped of their armo roared as they fired a combined beam of light at Silverwind- who was in the same state as they were- and tried to counter with another of his own, but this time, their attack overwhelmed his own and forced its way toward him. Silverwind gasped before he was struck by the beam was sent crashing into the wall behind him. The sisters panted, breathlessly before Celestia gave a sigh of relief, then looked down at Luna, who glanced up at her older sister, almost sadly.

 "...Let's go, Luna," Celestia whispered as she turned to leave with Luna following after her. However...Silverwind opened his eyes before he growled viciously and charged at Luna, who gasped upon noticing him. The lupine lunged forward with jaws agape and claws outstretched, preparing to sink his fangs into the younger princess's neck...but then, Celestia pushed Luna out of the way, glaring furiously at the wolf before she bowed her head, then flung it upward, her horn stabbing into his left eye. He yowled in pain as he flew backward and hit the floor, blood dripping from the wound.

 "Silverwind..." Celestia hissed. "You are no longer welcome in Equestria! I hereby banish you and your followers to the Jagged Fang Mountains, far to the North! Now leave...and NEVER return!"

 A pause...but then Silverwind chuckled darkly as he turned and glared at Celestia and Luna.

 "Oh...I'll be back, Celestia," he said. "And when I do...I swear that Equestria will be mine. Oh...and my name isn't 'Silverwind' anymore...that wolf is long dead. From now and all of ponykind will forever fear my wrath!! So says Warfang, the King of Wolves!!!"

 On that, he turned and fled from the chamber, taking any remainder of his army with him...and all the while, Celestia and Luna could only watch, the latter having tears in her eyes.

Flashback end

 Twilight and the group gaped in shock and horror at what they had just witnessed, while Celestia stood before them, her eyes closed sadly.

 "...It was my fault," she said. "I was naive that I didn't realize how my friend was truly feeling...and I would later make that same mistake with my dear sister..."

 The group felt their hearts go out to their ruler, who took in a deep breath, as if trying to fight back tears.

 "...I can't believe it...!" Swiftclaw said. "All this time...Father told me that it was you who made him the way he is, today. I a way, you did, had good intentions."

 "Even the best intentions often go awry," Celestia said. "I learned that the hard way. I thought that by teaching Silver...I mean, Warfang would make us equal in the eyes of others...but it was not to be. Instead of helping him, I only caused him to spiral into madness. What's worse...he used the magic I taught him to prolong his life-span, and during that time, he grew and trained his army until the time for invasion was right."

 "Well...that still doesn't explain why he wants this thing," Rainbow Dash spoke as she gestured to Moonlight's necklace.

 "Ah, yes," Celestia said. "The Stone of Wishes is no more is a powerful artifact, created by Star Swirl the Bearded himself. Back before Luna and I came to rule, Star Swirl created the stone in order to give the ponies of Equestria what they needed. However, in time, those with blackened hearts saw other uses for the stone. While most ponies used the stone in order to provide for their families, others used it to satisfy their own greed and selfish desires. Over time, more wrongdoers continued to seek out the stone, and they resulted to any crime to get it. You see...the stone knows neither good nor evil. As long as it senses powerful magic, then it will do whatever the user asks...and though Warfang already has powerful magic, if he gets his greedy claws on the Stone of Wishes, he could use it to amplify his powers at least tenfold!"

 The group gasped at this.

 "So that's why he wants it so badly," whispered Swiftclaw in horror. "I can't believe I never knew!"

 "So what does that have to do with me?" asked Moonlight.

 "Moonlight Essence," Celestia said, "long before you or either of your parents were born, Star Swirl entrusted the Stone of Wishes to your ancestors to guard it. The Zodiac Nomads have guarded the stone for centuries. Warfang found out about it and sought out your family to obtain the any means necessary. In fact, that's why they were on their way to Canterlot: to give the stone to me so that I could protect in their stead..." She then sighed, sadly. "I just never expected your family to be killed. Your father, Sagittarius, was a brave, noble, and just leader...I give you my deepest condolences."

 "...Thank you, Princess Celestia," Moonlight said.

 "And now," Celestia began, "since I'm here, I'll be taking the stone with me now-"

 "NO!!!" Moonlight shouted at the top of her lungs, starting everyone in the room. Even Celestia was taken back by this, while Twilight grinned sheepishly.

 "Y-you have to forgive her, Princess Celestia," said Twilight. "It's just...the necklace was the last thing her older sister, Starburst Shine, gave her. It's the last thing she has to remeber her and the rest of her family by."

 "She's very protective of it," Starlight added.

 "...I see," Celestia realized. "Moonlight? Is it all right if you go outside for a moment?"

 "You're not mad at me, are you?" asked Moonlight, worriedly.

 "Of course not, child," Celestia said with a reassuring smile. "Just go outside in the hallway."

 "O-okay," Moonlight answered as she got up and left.

 "Well...this just got more troublesome than I thought it would be," said Celestia. "It's clear she refuses to part with the stone. If nothing is done, the fate of all Equestria could be at stake. Warfang won't stop attacking Ponyville until he gets the Stone of Wishes in his clutches...and more than likely, he'll kill Moonlight to get it."

 "What are you gonna do, Princess Celestia?" Pinkie asked.

 "We can't force her to give up the necklace," Spike added.

 "Spike's right," Fluttershy agreed. "It will break her poor heart!"

 "There must be something we can do!" Twilight exclaimed. "Isn't there, Princess Celestia?"

 Celestia paused, contemplating on what to do.

 "...Well," she said, "I'm afraid I have only one choice."

 "Of course!" Twilight answered. "Just tell us what it is, and we'll do it!"

 "In order to keep both Moonlight and the Stone of Wishes safe," Celestia began, "I must take them both into my protective custody."

 Hearing that caused Twilight's eyes to go wide and her mouth to gape open in shock. The others also took on the same expression.

 "P...protective custody...?" asked Twilight.

 "Wait," Applejack spoke up, "a-are you sayin' that...?!"

 "I'm afraid Moonlight can no longer stay here in Ponyville," said Celestia.

 "...No...!" Twilight whispered with tears forming in her eyes.
My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang- Ch. 13
Celestia reveals Warfang's origins...back when he was known as Silverwind, and one of the princesses' best friends.


My Little Pony © Hasbro and Lauren Faust

Story and OCs © Me

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving. :)
Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

Also, One Piece Chapter 886...was intense!
There's this new manga I just got into called Golem Hearts. You can read it on Jaimini's Box.

It's fairly new. About 4 chapters have already been translated, and I think it's pretty decent. Give it a look if you like.
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